Brutal Legend

I wanted this game when I saw it 2 weeks ago on Steam.
Has just been released and bought it 2 hours ago.
It’s totally AWESOME!!!!
Didn’t know that it’s a 4 year old console game, just that, it was remade for a pc.
Played it on 3D mode on my lappie.. now I’m having a headache!!!



It’s called Brutal Legend.



The protagonist is Eddie Riggs, played by  Jack Black, a roadie who is transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal album covers.



It can get a little gory.. if you choose it to be.



Graphics look a lot like artwork at certain parts, even when you’re moving around… not just during cinematic.



You get to drive your hawtttt car.



Go through beautiful terrain.



Do battle cries, spawn your car, etc by playing the press buttons at the exact time thingy aka action rhythm. >_< Although, simple ones so far.



Lady… you’re drunk!!! GO HOME!!!
Yet, Eddie’s got the hots for her.



A bunch of humor.
Fear? Pain?
It’s the guy who can’t spell and had it imprinted as feer and pane!



You get your own army of headbangers who are being called Ironheade, who’d listen to your every bidding!



Ozzy Osborne was there and there are a couple of cameo appearances by others too later on.



Of course.. with LOTS of killing and smashing around.



So.. yeah.. gonna continue the game another day..
Time to zzzzzz XD


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