Abaddon of Despair

It’s out and well.. /sigh
Honestly, the game is falling to its death.




So, to enter, you’d have to finish this quest first.

The Ultimate Weapon quest is obtained from Heinz Stobere at Verta Delta.


To get the Sealed Ultimate Weapon, you’d have to do the To Follow His Will daily quest which is obtained from Dedrick Bakley at Verta Delta.
You’d need to kill Ratmaster Kremp Hard-Mode to finish one daily quest.
Dedrick Bakley will then reward you with a Sealed Ultimate Weapon.
Unseal it by double-clicking it.
There should be a popup to ask if you’d really want to unseal it.



You’d need 11 of these Unsealed Ultimate Weapon.
If you’re lucky, 1 Sealed can give you 2 Unsealed.
Not sure if you can get more than that.


Abaddon of Despair entrance is in Divided Plain, Alberta Zone.

Good luck!



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