Work Politics



People who like to talk bad about others..Would probably be talking bad about you behind your back as well.

Sometimes, I’d nearly blurt out… “why in the world are you talking bad about that person? someone else is talking bad about you too”
Sometimes, I really wish I didn’t know about any of those stuff.
Better off being ignorant on that.
Sometimes, they’d talk and touch upon that topic and I don’t know about it earlier, but, I’d be so happy not being able to understand!
It’ll seems like “innocent” whining and whatnot in front of you about so-and-so.
But, they’re all stabbing each other as though it’s a fun game to play.
I know what kind of game is fun… a bloody gun killing spree in a FPS!

All I can say is the amount of complaints was so high that the second firing of someone in just 2 months has been done.
They wouldn’t say it’s firing.. they’d eventually say the person has decided to resign.
Nothing to do with budget or monetary issues.
More of work ethics.
But.. 2? Really? Wow…
And I think it was built upon these political issues.
Unfortunately, I can’t stay super neutral even how hard I try.
I do know that I’m being targeted as much as everyone here is.
These kind of things are not the type where you can run away entirely from.

What in the world are these people trying to do?



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