How Are You?

Half of my Sunday is already gone.
And my scumbag brain is starting to dread the next day… Monday.
C’mon brain… it’s still Sunday… chill~ +_+

But do you know what I hate most when I meet people on a new week?
Going through this >>> “How are you?” sessions




I would love to answer this way… *pessimistic*




Fortunately (yes, fortunately!!!), I’m pretty blunt!! ^_^
My answer would usually be…
I’m good.. thanks.. *the other person waits for me to ask how they are* but I never do ask and would go about my business afterwards.
‘Cause sometimes, when I do ask, they’d just answer “I’m fine”.. hmmm.. ok…

I’m sorry, but, I don’t need to be one of those people wearing masks and/or act as though you have to conform to normality and be like everyone else.

Unless I have the mood, I don’t really want to tell you how my health is..
And when I’m sick for the day, is it supposed to be courteous to still say “I’m fine?”
‘Cause when I really am sick.. I’d say I’m not feeling good and then.. *poof* the other person is gone..
As though that is their first auto-generated question and they can only reply when you answer I’m fine or something along the line.

I don’t find that a good conversation starter at all.

Neither will I have the mood to tell you how my weekend went on a Monday!!!
And no.. I don’t want to tell any of you how awesome an online game episode I’ve had the day before.
You’d never understand.




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