Pay to Play BETA

It’s the in-thing marketing regime for the past few years.
More companies are entering into this market.
Extra income.. who wouldn’t want that?

From what I’ve noticed is that the trend goes…
For whether end open beta is f2p or p2p…

For years, it has been months of endless FREE closed beta and then open beta.
Then it changed to FREE weekly beta or chosen weeks of a few months closed beta then open beta.
Then it changed to weekly beta but you only get one weekend to test it and you’d have to pre-order (P2P) else you can’t continue playing where you stopped if you don’t have a new beta key.
Now, a whole lot of games are doing the P2P weekly beta for 2-3 months then open beta, although you can still get free keys if you’re lucky in some ways.

I do love playing CBTs and chip in my experience and feedback to the devs.
Is it worth the money to put into a game that has more bugs, initial servers issues, not-so-great game mechanics than even in OBT?

I’m one of those who would go on an early rampage search for a free key or place my name in some sort of ballot for the game.

Thing is…
They usually place out the cost of the CBT access to add up to quite a sum of money just to get access and “freebies” which I do not need most or any of.
50 bucks.. 100 bucks.. 200 bucks?
At the very least, I wouldn’t mind forking out some money, 10 bucks?, to have the minimum of just CBT access without the nonsense…
But, only on games that that has already grabbed my attention and am determined to try it out.

Why such a small amount?

One: I only get to spend a couple of days playing a Medium Rare game, it’s not even equals to a one-month subscription on a Well Done game.

Two: The time I spent on that game will be “gone” after a wipe after CBT ends.

So, have I ever paid for p2p beta before?
Hmmm.. yes… once.. Guild Wars 2.
It truly was worth it while it lasted.
Beta and beyond.

What I love about betas is that although some games can inject in a real pain in the butt of a game during beta..
Because of it being unpolished and hiding initial issues..
That’s when I can see whether it’s a game worth continuing playing after beta.

Can I foresee myself joining the bandwagon of a p2p end game or even f2p (I’m a fan of cash shop costumes.. you can guess where my money goes to T_T)?

For me, playing right from beta to end game.. they would be Diablo 3 and Dragon Nest (both betas were free though).

There are some games where I did not play the beta but bought and played the fully released game.
Aion for one.

And there are games where I quit after beta.
Tera and Rift.
I had to vpn for Tera NA but I don’t think I did that for Rift, except that I think I didn’t have time to play it.

Sure… if I was richer, I’d probably always pay for every beta that I want to try out.

Face it.. reality stings.

It’s fine anyway.
No one is forced to play something.
If you don’t like it, then, walk away.



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