Remember when I was looking for a new laptop last year?
I’m glad that I bought an Asus G75GX!!
❤ ❤



I wanted to hold back on grumbling about this…
But, although it’s not my laptop, I’m actually pretty pissed at using my bf’s M17x Alienware.
He has called the techie guys A LOT of times and got some (different) parts changed 4 times already.
It is insanely laggy, heats up way too fast (that adds to the lag).
Battery and power issue.
Errors while loading up.
Tsk tsk tsk…

His friend was just asking this afternoon about his laptop because his friend bought a second Alienware.. not sure why he bought two.
But then complained of the issues that he was facing with.
I went on Google and found a lot of problems that you might have to face with if you own one.
Apparently, a lot of them said it’s due to after Dell’s takeover.

I’m not going to say what brand you can buy or what you shouldn’t buy.
Just that.. you could splurge on a much better system for the same amount of money you have to fork out for a M17x.
Or get a top-end self-assembled desktop with that load of cash… or.. well.. do more research before buying any brand of laptop.
But, if more than one of us are frustrated over one model, it should very well be a little review for anyone who’d like to buy a gaming laptop.
Not sure about the Alienware’s desktop though.

Good luck~



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