Bla bla-ing~

Finally I have time to blog!

I’m exhausted!!!
Multi-tasking on 10+ requests at a time for the past 3 days.
On top of that, rushing to finish an analysis work report.
My brain was going to burst on the first day itself.
If you want me dead.. you’d probably just need to stress me to death.
lol… How morbid can I be? jk XD



Went shopping yesterday.. finally.
The most frustrating thing was that every time I go to an empty shop and start browsing to get something…
The very next moment, the place is crowded with people and I’m always the last to have the salesgirl’s attention.
If it’s coincidental..
But it sure does happen ALL the time.
I still got my stuff anyway.
Some simple t-shirts.
Picked up my new converse sneakers just now.
Bought them for my IT training next month.

When I was young and could still clique with my mom, that happened to her all the time.
We’d enter an empty shop which I’d notice has been and was empty and once she enters and starts browsing for stuff..
A huge crowd appears and she then gets agitated when she couldn’t even get to find what she wanted and we’d leave.

I guess… I have her customer-magnet thingy.
No idea what that is anyway.



You know…
For the first time after a little over a year working with a couple of people who seem like they aren’t doing anything.
Started to do what they should.. without me needing to even do that part of the work.
I’ve misjudged them (for the past one year?)
But everything will go back to normal soon enough.
Except that, I’d know that they can be there when they should.

At lunch time.. one of the secretaries showed me an email she was cc’d on from her boss (one of the two highest ranking directors).
My boss is a director too.. but his boss is the other secretary’s boss.
So.. yeah.. >_<
“Bla bla bla.. and that I’d still do my work with a smile on my face”.. it was regarding the big problem that I had to resolve.
Hmm… they don’t know the real feelings within me contrary to that facade.

If not for my near-to-non-existence patience.. still enough to push back my tears and anger..
Someone would probably need to send me to a mental ward.



I rarely ride a bus.
I commute by train or walk all the time.
But yesterday when I had to take the bus to drop off something for someone at the apple service center..
A random thought popped up.
Do people choose to do those jobs or were they forced to do something they didn’t want to, just to make ends meet?
I was thinking about the bus driver before the next job.. which was a cleaner.
Made me wonder how much liberty I was given to choose what I really wanted to do.
Although I did once made a wrong choice by listening to others years back.
It wasn’t easy for me to enter this field either.
But it was worth it.
It must be worth it to them as well.. except that they hold on to a different kind of worth and reason.
Like I’ve said before.. they are way stronger than most of us who are better off.
I find that a valuable life feature.
Sometimes, you don’t know why things turn out the way it does… but, if you do notice.. there are always reasons that will submerge sooner or later.




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