The Elder Scrolls Online ~ Neverwinter

The fire for RO2 is sizzling.
Being a game-hopper, I’ll start eyeing on something else when I get bored.

2 MMORPGs I’d like to try out.
The Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter.
I’d probably just try out the fore.



In the early 2000s, there would be a lot of times when my internet would get cut off.
My pocket money was already barely enough for a meal a day, I was still in school and my strict mom wouldn’t allow me to work.
My elder brother paid for the internet bills, but, it was the time when internet subs were so expensive and the ISPs would just miscalculate and overcharge you on purpose.
Plus, other family issues, but, luckily I still had my computer.

One of those moments where I’d find solitude in gaming.
I then found Morrowind.
Well, those who knows me knows that I can practically “eat” a game aka skip meals… I still do so unknowingly.
It was an awesome piece of offline single player game.
That game dissolved my sad reality.
If my memory serves me right… it used up 6 CDs to install the game?
>>> CDs.. I remember when a game took a little less than 20 floppy disks to install a game. Why is people saying their past is based on that tiny floppy disk? Although I didn’t get to use the biggest one, I did use the middle-sized 5.25″ ones to play Sierra games and whatnot. T_T I feel old. <<<

Played it for a couple of months before my internet was finally on again and stabilized.
You could say that it was my much needed escape in one point in time.
Much later, I tried Oblivion for a short period.


I didn’t play NW, but, I played Neverwinter Nights 2, years later.
The only reason why I tried it was because my younger brother had bought it, yet, didn’t want to play it.
I was looking for an alternative and an offline game.
And… wow.. I was hooked to it for quite some time.
Who cares about graphics when the lore was awesome.
(Hmm… the elder scrolls were too though.)
But, I repeated the whole story 3 times, using different types of combos!
Mainly because I wanted to indulge into the storyline again and again, being a “lawfully good”, “neutral” and “chaotic evil”.
Before I finally decided to give it up.


But until I try the betas out, I won’t say any more than this.
Not that I can even judge before trying them out.
I did miss out on Neverwinter’s earlier beta.
Always check my emails a little too late. >_>
Either that or I just decide to skip one for the current goal I’m aiming for in the current game that I’m in.
So… yup… gonna check on my emails more often.


2 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online ~ Neverwinter

    • Not sure.. maybe I’ll give it a go again later. I’m not sure how good it has been since I’ve only tried playing Tera NA during their closed beta season. Maybe~ Good suggestion. Thks.


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