COA Set vs Colosseum Set

Wondering which set to get?

Culvert of Abyss (H) VS Colosseum PvP!!!



You will receive Blood Points from every round that you pvp in the Colosseum, whether you win and move on to the next round or lose and get kicked out.

With these Blood Points, you can exchange them for the weapon/armor.

You can collect your PvP set in Prontera.



The difference between Culvert of Abyss (H) set and Colosseum PvP set is shown below.

  • Please do note that we are talking about the Hard Mode set.

Therefore, although you do get extra individual stats from your pvp set, you will get the set effect from your COA (H) set.

Alright, here comes the small maths section.
I will only mention the Armor 5 piece set.
Because this 5 pieces will give you the set effect.


COA (H) – ONLY Armor Set (the extra set effect that PvP set lacks in) ==> Wizard Set

Hit 3%
Vigor 10%
Haste 10%
Critical 5%


PvP – ONLY Armor Set (the extra stats that COA (H) set lacks in) ==> Wizard Set

Int 25
Agi 7
Wis 5
Vit 22

Defense 23
Hit 7
Vigor 27
Haste 27

Damage Reduction while only in PvP 14.4%


If you think that it’s going to take you ages to get to COA (H), the PvP set will be better, whichever comes first.
Because you can start pvping even before you’re level 50.
But, as you can see, the Blood Points needed for each item is quite a lot, so, be prepared to win as much as possible.

Else, just get the PvP weapon.
There is NO set effect on the weapon, therefore, you can actually use the COA (H) armor set and the PvP weapon.
The stats on the PvP weapon is way better than the COA (H) weapon!



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