Gamer BF — A Note to all the GIRLS with Gamer Boyfriends



Weird that most of my exs were non-gamers.
But, being me, I would soon get frustrated at needing to stop gaming because of them (could be totally “quit” or lessen the gameplay in that period of time).
Whoever said that he’d understand was just lying, because there could be days and weeks to no end, would I game and pretty much ignore my partner.
That’s just me.
So, either side would give up.

I think… I pretty much know how a guy gamer feels.
From my experience, find someone who will understand your needs…
As long as you’re willing to balance out the differences aka compromising.



To all the girls… you’d probably hate me.. for one reason or another.
But, if you do have a gamer bf, you chose him.. he chose you.. make do with it or let it go.
You could…….. try to learn to game with him. XD
It’s fun.. really!!!
Or give him his time, as he should with you.

Plus, would you rather want him to go dating other girls behind your back, gambling, do drugs, etc rather than just gaming?
I’d rather see him game.
If he games competitively, awesomely great!
Just my 2 cents worth of thought.


6 thoughts on “Gamer BF — A Note to all the GIRLS with Gamer Boyfriends

  1. While it IS true that gamer boyfriends/girlfriends need time for their games (I should know, I’m a gamer myself), its just feels great to know that you’re with someone who will hit pause (or do one last dungeon run, I promise honey it’ll be the last and I’m the healer they’ll die without me 😐 ) to attend to your needs. We all deserve someone who will understand, accept, embrace, and won’t just tolerate us for being who we are. Good Luck finding them 🙂

    • Actually, everyone has a quirk that their partner will find annoying or hard to accept in some ways, but if both are willing to work it out/compromise, it’ll turn out alright. Good luck to you too 😀

  2. I’m a female non-gamer with a guy who really likes his computer games. We’ve gotten to that comfortable understanding where he can game without me getting all crazy. I think the important thing in these kinds of relationships is understanding. Many girlfriends may think he’s gaming to get away from here, where that’s totally not the case at all. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    • That’s great!!

      I’ll let you in to something (that maybe you already know), even the most hardcore and stubborn (but not those fully submissive and addicted) gamer will get swayed out of a long gaming routine for something they love (other than gaming, of course). It’s something like a “weakness”. If you can find that part out, you could get your way for the day. 😛

      But to be fair, I hope he gives you your time as well, in return. Wishing you the best on your relationship! 🙂


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