Culvert of Abyss – HM Set

Finally got my full HardMode set.
Was thinking of getting the PvP weapon which has an awesomely delicious damage, but, since I got the HM weapon, I’ll make do with it…
Whilst buying all the PvP accessories.

Thank you to all who partied with me!!!!
Been pugging non-stop (heh.. guildless for 2 weeks).

By the way, there’s suddenly an overwhelming need for Wizards for raids… where have all the other Wizs gone to?
Re-roll to Sorc?



Just want to put a shortcut here…

The colour tokens for Culvert of Abyss gear are as follows:
Red: Beast Master, Warrior, Wizard
Yellow: Knight, Sorcerer, Rogue, Ranger
Blue: Monk, Priest, Assassin

Gonna help the others get their stuff~
See ya in-game!!!



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