Gibberish jabbering.
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start


I really need to catch up with the sleep that I’ve lost for the past week!!!!
Just that kinda feeling very inferior that everyone seems to have the time to go raid and by the time I reach home, I can only go for one round and then I’m flat dead.
So many people with the good gears and I’m still stuck with noobie stuff.
Even for that one raid, I’d have to stop at 1am.
Any more than that although it might seem I’m there.
I’m not.
My hands and fingers are moving by its own. >_>
Yesterday, I was having such a bad day at work and I was already so tired that by the time I thought I could go for a second round, I fell asleep twice.. while still dps-ing at a constant rate.


It wouldn’t be a problem if I was on leave or not working.
I can game for 2 days without sleep then sleep very little days after and a couple of days eating very little..
It’s a habit I’ve picked up from gaming for years.
But, please do not follow my footsteps.. I can switch back to “normal society mode” back later on.

Work sucks up a lot of my energy for the day.
While I was still in school back in yonder years, studying wasn’t a heavy chore.
My desktop would actually not work when my exams were around the corner.
As if it knew I would forget about studying if it was in working form.
Then… poof! magically, it will be just fine after my exams as if nothing had happened.
I know… it loves me ❤ roflmao~


I actually feel a little sick right now.
I’m going to the server room and freeze myself for awhile.
Weird… but..
The humming of the servers and the cold temperature has a calming effect on me.



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