PvP Noob

Didn’t try pvp until today.
Was busy raiding and lazing around.

Pffft… I suck at this.
Got kicked out after Round 5… where there’s 6 people left.
Got aimed by everyone at once.


There was one sweet part where 2 rangers were shooting me at the same time.. I got so pissed.. finally used my ice wall.
Watched them both vs each other and both died at the same time.
The mobs that come as a group was in loooooove with me so much that I had to tp my way around. ;…;
But… wow… it was so difficult to click onto a person!



Got rubbish out of the reward boxes.
Runehole Punches and magic oil.


2 thoughts on “PvP Noob

  1. Hi, I finally tried PvP for the first time yesterday and umm… mobs came out during the rounds!? Does that mean we have to fight the players as well as the mobs or… just concentrate on players? XD

    • Hello there Andy! ^_^

      If you’d like to, you could. Just take note of the time limit and keep an eye on those around you who might stun and kill you whilst you’re killing the mobs… especially those who can stealth.. don’t stand at one spot for too long. It’s probably 2-3 mobs = 1 player kill… not too sure.


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