PvP Colosseum & Culvert of Abyss

And so… a new patch has arrived.
No no.. Not for fixing bugs.. but of new adventures!

PvP Colosseum

Colosseum is an all new PVP system where an area is open for all players to test their strength with one another.
Colosseum is different from the existing PVP arena, it can only be accessed at a certain arranged time and the game will only begin when a certain condition is met.
What makes Colosseum special is that players who enter this battle ground will have equal status regardless of level and equipment.
However, skills level will be the turning point for Colosseum battle therefore, this system allows lower level player to participate and also stand a chance against higher level player.

A minimum level of 10 is required to enter the Colessuem and Colosseum enter button will be displayed on the lower right corner of the game screen at an arranged time.
By pressing the button, a confirmation notification will pop up from the screen for player to proceed with the Colosseum battle.
There will be a standby time display in the Colosseum arena to gather an amount of player in order to proceed with the first round.
The game will proceed for a total 5 rounds, in each round players with the least point will be eliminate from the Colosseum and transfer out from it.
Player will obtain PVP points by advancing each round and the point allow players to exchange for various items.

PvP Colosseum will be held twice a day on 2100 hours (+8 GMT) and 2300 hours (+8 GMT).

You can obtain your rewards with your Colosseum points.
Your points are located in your Character Info box (by pressing “C”), there will be a drop of blood icon at the bottom right side.

Where to exchange your rewards?
Left of Prontera, from the Knightage Reward Officer.

P.S. The PvP gear (armor, weapon and jewelry are way more better than Culvert of Abyss – Hard Mode gear)


Culvert of Abyss

More info here: RO2 Website Link

Culvert of Abyss is located north field of Verta Delta which is located west side of Alberta City.
Player can enter Culvert of Abyss by completing certain quest and the quest is subjected for players who reached level 50.
Player can enter the dungeon by proceeding through the connected quest by NPC Brueghel which located in front of Divided Plain field hunter office.

So that’s where the mobs are…from the cards list.


The quest!!!



You’ll need to go back to Divided Plain.
The starter quest is located on the left of the Fountain Town, by a NPC named Brueghel.
Quest Name: Rising Threat



You will need to travel to the next map aka the next big town, Alberta.
Go straight to Trade Master Onasis, who is located pretty central of the town.


Next, head to Verta Delta, where you’ll need to meet Heinz Stobere, just near the entrance of Culvert of Abyss.
She will give you a quest named Secret of the Lord.



Hold your horses.. you’ll have to travel to Sogratt Desert to collect a quest named The Tight Doors of the Abyss from Gongurat.


Move a little to the side and take a quest by Alex called [Daily] The Hardest Metal in the World.



Now, do 2 Hard Mode dungeons and get to the last boss and pick up a Brygan Ore.
One boss drops one Ore.
You’ll need 2 of these to finish the Daily quest.


Return to Alex, he’s also located in Road of Bless, if you don’t want to go to Sogratt Desert, and turn in the quest.
You’ll be presented with the Refined Brygan.

You’ll need 3 of these to finish the A Key to Open Darkness to enter the COA.
Meaning that it’ll take 3 days to finish this!

After collecting 3 Refined Brygan, head back to Gongurat at Sogratt Desert.


He will then reward you with the Key of Abyss


Off you go to meet Heinz Stobere at Verta Delta to finish your Key Delivery quest.



Welcome to COA Normal Mode!

P.S. To get into Culvert of Abyss – Hard Mode, you’ll have to finish the quest given from Heinz by collecting 30 Victor’s Point II.
However, if you have access Victor’s Point I, from the earlier raids, you can exchange it from the NPC in Prontera or Alberta (5 Victor’s Point I = 1 Victor’s Point II)!!


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