Of the many things that I loathe.
I think one of the most irritating thing is bsod.
It’s like.. let’s figure out what those codes mean.
Now, that’s fun. >_>
Unfortunately, my dear computer… I have no time to play your games.
I’ve got a few other issues in my hands to fix.

Alright.. sometimes, the problem lies between the chair and the computer.
Those people who causes problems (on purpose aka knowing that they shouldn’t be doing it but does it anyway) and then runs to you in panic afterwards.

But sometimes, it’s pure hardware issue.
I’m actually a fan of hardware rather than software.
You can put me in a huge server room filled with servers and networking eq and whatnot.. although freezing to death.. I’ll be happy to be there.. rather than a room crowded with people. HEAVEN! That’s my playground!
Give me a desktop or laptop and ask me to tear it apart and put it together… I love my toys.
The directors and colleagues from all past companies would say the same thing.. new toys in your playground?
Now, that’s a nice compliment. lol~

Another ordinary day with another one who came up to me saying I can’t start my laptop… yesterday.
It was a MONDAY!

Apparently, it’s pretty obvious that it’s overheated CPU.
Fan moved pretty slow and there was a teeny weeny bit of burnt smell.
Called up the laptop company to have it changed.
They needed to send me quotation.. bla bla.. cause its 3 year warranty has expired.
They still hasn’t gotten back to me today.
User needed to travel so, pop the HDD goes on a spare laptop of another model.
His laptop was pretty old.
And there goes the BSOD.
But got one tiny detail changed in bios and it’s fixed.

I’ve noticed that the laptop company has hired FTs to handle the customer service and L1.
(as a side note…I do know that in my past company, I had to work with HP and they outsourced Indian IT engineers… those guys are pretty good.)
Hey hey… I don’t mind that but they seemed like newbies to me.. which is fine.. everyone starts somewhere.
But, I became so impatient after they said this and that.. bla bla bla.. go through so many steps.
I got so accustomed to their so-called steps that usually, before I’d call them, I’ll do a long-winded thorough exhaustion of all the possibilities, so that they wouldn’t even know what else they can do… and they’d say.. mam… please hold on while I check with so and so.

When I start to feel pissed off, I’d be a little naughty and actually poke fun.
Until I get tired and give up on waiting and say I need this and that changed one-to-one.
I call them only when I know it’s a hardware failure… why else would I call them for?
Well, sometimes, when I do feel pity for some of them who sound truly clueless, I would actually teach them the steps other than asking what I needed.

Since I was doing that, I might as well do another hardware issue of an old laptop at the same time.
The problem existed last year but no one was using it.
This time, although I’ve tried everything, nothing worked.
Baffled, I called the laptop company up, bla bla bla.. steps.. bla bla bla.. they said it was beyond repair and I needed to pay to change the HDD, warranty was over… (this was done last year)
I said no and left it be.
So now, same thing.. tried everything out until after a few hours later.
Once again.. another hdd re-seat, bios settings and I could format it again.
Although I’ve already done that so many times!!!
Those things that’ll piss you off. >_>
Dang.. luckily I didn’t pay for something that wasn’t even broken.

I think that the longest and evening time call I made was done when I was in one of my past companies.
Server had a problem with one of its parts.
I already knew where the problem lies in.
But the engineer insisted that I was wrong and he expected me to do ALL the possible steps with him on the phone.
All I wanted to do was get the part ordered and go home.
I was too tired to argue back and spent wasted time.
In the end, he couldn’t find any other fault and eventually gave an uncertain comment that it could be the thing I referred to in the beginning.
Too tired.. just too tired.
Got it ordered and the baby was well again.
He was either (I think) really doing his work as he should or he doesn’t think I know enough to pinpoint anything.
Gimme a break… dude.. I’d rather be at home, gaming.


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Ah… as a fellow techie, I can totally feel your frustrations. Agreed that sometimes, software issues are caused by erm… the person between the chair and the computer. Hardware issues are usually more straightforward. As for the HP L1 support, I have been through the same experience in the past. I guess they are probably just sticking to their SOP to get customers to do some troubleshooting before agreeing to replace a hardware part.


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