Meet my twin!


7 thoughts on “Twin!

      • Hi!

        I am from the guild Smoosh. We are currently looking for more wizards for our raid party. We do bapho and arena. Lots of 50s. very active 
        and friendly xD

        Also hoping u could help design a cover fr our fb group too, if u have time. The one u did for eternity is pretty good 🙂 

        Sorry abt your previous guild experiences. I hope you would give our guild a try. There’s also other girls in our guild you can make friends with 🙂

      • Hello there~ Ooooh… I’ve seen your guildies around before. 🙂

        Thank you so much for the invite but I will have to decline your offer on the invitation.
        Someone else has already invited me earlier today, just a few hours before you sent this invitation. >_<
        I can make a cover for your guild, when I'm free, but, no promises though, as I tend not to be able to design when I don't have the inspiration to do so.

        Anyway, all the best with your guild. ^_^


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