Wizzzzz Build

I’m creating this because a friend in-game asked me what build he should make.
Seriously, I do not have a cookie-cutter template for anyone.



Although unlike some MMORPGs, there isn’t really a lot of builds that you can make.
Unlike last time, I’m actually too lazy to read forums about the game.
It’s all based on what I think and have tried.
So… yeah… I gotta say that first… lol ^_^


Main dmg comes from Fire Bolt and Fire Ball.
That’s my bread and butter to my wiz’s main existence.

I love DOTs.
DOTs include:
Fire Ball – 56% Fire Dmg + 30% Fire Dmg over 5s
Fire Flower – For 30s at 15% Fire Dmg every 2s
Fire Arms – 30% burn chance with 40% Fire Dmg

Be sure to always use Dragonology and Fire Arms for damage.

Whosshhh… I love the haste it gives me everytime it stacks.

I’ve heard that some people say that it’s not worth investing in Fire Explosion.
But, I’m a sucker for awesome animation. lol~
The damage is actually nice if you have a high hit rate and a good critical rate.
It’s nice to have.

Meteor Storm is a want, not a need.
It can be pretty fun to use when there’s a warrior and ranger with you and the three of you spams aoe!

Now comes the part where you get to choose which defense mechanism you’d prefer based on your own game-play/preference.

Forst Nova is pretty yummy when you’re in a pinch..
Here are some scenarios.

The tank dies due to an overly powerful boss in a dungeon and no one can ress him, but the boss is left with so little hp, you just need to poke him a little more before he dies.
Use this to slow him down.. it’s an instant cast.
Just run around, not too far from the healer and the the radius where it might reset itself.
DOT it… really, dotting is awesome as that.. it could save your team from redoing the boss.

A group of little minions decided to throw a party for you and the healers “aren’t there for you”.
Frost Nova.
At this point, if you have Teleport, tp yourself out.
If you have Ice Wall, use that.
Else, RUN!

Teleporting is nice.
It’s much faster than running.
Just don’t tp to the wrong destination where more aggro are at.

To be honest, I’ve not tried Ice Wall.
10s of no damage to other mobs make me feel useless.
I’d rather run, kite and kill.
But like I’ve said, if your preference is to stand and hold ground, Ice Wall is for you.
After the update below, yes.. I will be re-skill-ing to add Ice Wall for Raid.

Zeyqst’s perspective on Ice Wall
When everyone is in dire strait, with busy healers who aren’t on you yet and the boss, at most probability, is aiming for you next, Ice Wall will save your life.
You can defend yourself against a 1 hit ko, which otherwise will kill you instantly.



I’ll update again once I have other things to update on. 😀


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