RO2 Sorcerer Skills Change

I hope I’m not too late at saying this. >_<

Because of the changes made on the sorcerer’s skills, a FREE reskill scroll will be given to your sorcerer today.


So what are the changes?

Healing Wave (Level 5) – Reduced from 34% to 10%
Heals target for 10% of your MATK
Cast time: 0.5s
CD: Instant

Rejuvenation – Reduced from 54% to 24%
Heals 24% of MATK
Cast time: Instant
CD: 8s

Land of Recovery – Reduced from 22% to 11%
Recovers 11% of MATK
Cast time: 1s
CD: 10s

Seal of Earth – Increased from 10% to 100%
Increases Heal by 100% and 30% MATK HP Recovery
Cast time: Instant
CD: 3s


Just when I thought I wanted to create a hybrid sorc as my next alt, this patch comes out.
Understanding that, it’s pretty much pushing you towards wanting to either create a pure DPS or pure FS.

So… my dear Priests.. do I hear you raging?
Tee hee~
Somehow, I would.. if I was one.



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