Lonelyyyy.. I’m Miss lonelyyyy..
(singing to Akon’s “Lonely” song)

Quit my main from my beloved guild because they were taking their time leveling and I wanted a fixed team for raid.
Thought that I could join this other team from my current guild since they didn’t even have a wizard in the guild but apparently they decided to bring in their own friends when I’ve already gotten all my cards and (left one part) set from doing pub RHM.
They asked us to be in-game  last night at a certain time and then.. look what they did.

Thanks to the rest who apparently gave an invitation to their guild without me asking to join any, way before all this happened.
I don’t think I want to join any other guild though.
It’ll just end up the same.
My old guild already has a main lineup after my main left and I won’t blame them on replacing me.

Was already feeling down about work and I thought gaming would cheer me up but it didn’t.
I was already feeling a teeny weeny sad because it has already been nearly 2 weeks and I couldn’t get the last part to my set.
Anyway, a group of Indos added me to go for Bapho and arena.
It was a random thing.. no one knew anyone except 3 of them were from the same guild but most were Indo.

They were sooooooooooooooo sweet!
Such happy-go-lucky people!!
I can speak Indo btw.
We finished Bapho and Arena but before reaching the last 2 bosses.
I was already so excited and happy to join such an awesomely light-hearted group of peeps.
It ended up with more when I got 2 purple armor drops.

Initially, I wanted to stop playing after Bapho ’cause I was so exhausted from work, but, I carried on and well, if not, I would’ve only gotten one purple.
But they seemed so fun to hang around with that I just had to stay.

I needed that to end my day.

You probably won’t know it ’cause I won’t say it in-game, but you guys cheered me up.



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