Let’s talk a bit more about Random Hard Mode aka RHM.



There are a total of 10 dungeons.

Wolves Caves
Izrud Cave
Temple of Sea God
Secret Forest Tomb
Abandoned Lab
Hell of Deadly Poison
Cursed Ghost Ship
Fortress of Sandstorm
Fortress of Sandarman

I don’t think I want to write up on boss fights as there are a lot of youtube videos on them.



As you were leveling, I’m pretty sure that you’d have to do most of the quests (normal or khara) that needs you to party up and go in a dungeon.
Although, there are some that you can possibly skip and go back to, I know I did. 😛
But, what I like about quests relating to dungeons is the “free” armor and weapon that you get after submitting them in.

They’re exactly the same dungeons as when you were low level back then, except that, the same mobs are all level 50.

Each boss will 100% drop a level 50 blue armor/weapon.
Everything else, like rare random purples do appear too, but as stated, rare.
Regarding the daily dungeon lockout that resets everyday at 9am.
Currently, the reset scrolls are not working!



Regarding dungeon lockout mode:

You can actually still go in the dungeon if the party leader manually runs through the entrance of the hard dungeon mode, instead of doing the “roll”.
So, it isn’t considered a Random Hard Mode.
It’s more of a Manual Hard Mode… not that the abbreviation exists in the RO2 player’s vocabulary.
You can still teleport to the dungeon straight away via the flickering colourful windmill icon on the bottom left (above the Item Mall button), just like any other dungeon mode after your leader is in the dungeon.
But, you will not be able to roll any items to any bosses that you’ve already killed and rolled on, earlier.



Let’s partaaayyyyy~
(typo intended)

The usual breakdown of a party is:
One tank (Knight, Monk, Warrior.. Beastmasters are not well-known to do so though)
One Healer (Priest)
One off-Healer (Sorcerer) hybrid healer and DPS – if you know your tank and healer well enough aka friends and they don’t really require a backup healer, this job can be skipped as well.
2 DPS – any combo will do but usually the priest and sorc will want a wizard in the team for dragonology.



Your job scope:
This is not a must-do.
This is just from experience.
What annoys me is when someone doesn’t even know the basics of the job you’ve chosen in the first place.



Tank (Main Tank & Off Tank) :
As your name suggests, you tank. You want to be one, then act like one.
There is a small handful of tanks who are actually seriously bad, even how much I’d like to see the positive.
You have to taunt.. taunt.. taunt.
Mobs will be attracted to constant high crits dps and healer’s healing mechanism.
Pull these mobs out!
See your surroundings!!!
Your job is to hold all the aggro to you and only you.

I’ve been a healer for years back when I started playing MMORPGs.
And I feel the pain… the agony of not being protected when you’re protecting others.



Heal.. baby, heal.
Everyone will be happy to have your HP buff.

Your priority is healing the tank > yourself > others.
Yourself because your heals will taunt mobs and the boss could place random hits on different pary members and that includes you.
You die.. without a good off-healer, the party might die too.

Save your ress for the tank.
Everyone else can run back or getting ressed using a leaf after a boss fight.
Unless you’re sure that you need that dps and don’t mind the 30 minutes Cooldown for a real emergency later on.
But without a tank, and with still a lot of hp on the boss, the party will be wiped, unless there’s an off-tank around.

I’ve yet to see a priest who is horrible at healing.
Not that I ever want to meet one. lol XD



Sorcerers were born to be hybrids.
People will assume your job as both a sub healer and a dps.

Everyone will benefit from your Earth Shield.

They will love your Land of Recovery – LOR.
This is actually mostly for ranged players, rather than for the melee players.
The healer, you, ranger and wizard will stay around your LOR radius while they do their respective jobs.
Spam it.. well, as in, cast it whenever it’s gone.
You can save the melee players, when in desperate need though.
Especially when the boss mass hit everyone to more than half the hp, use Deluge on top of the LOR.

Your ress should be saved for the priest.
If, however, the priest’s ress is on CD, go ahead and ress the tank, always before dps.
Take over when a priest dies and you don’t have a ress, thus, heal as much as you can.
You took up the job and as much as you might hate being a main healer, get ready to do so when needed.

Your secondary job is dps.
So, DPS all you want other than the LOR.



Know the mechanics of a boss fight.
Ask your party members to explain if you don’t know what to do before the fight.
Don’t be shy at asking and being scared of being jeered at and called a noob.
No one will say that.. just because everyone wants the boss to be killed the first time round.
What annoys people is when you don’t do what you should after the explanation!!

Also, give your buff to everyone.

Actually, everyone has to know how the boss fight goes, so that they can do what they should when they should.
Most of the time it’s Adds > Boss.
Protect the healer at all times expecially when mini mobs spawn during a boss fight.
DPS non-stop.
If your hp is low and you see a LOR (green grass) or Deluge (blue water and mermaid) made by the sorc, run there for awhile, even if you’re a melee.
The priest might be busy spamming heals on the tank first before you due to very low hp.
Or if you see the priest cast Sanctuary (huge golden yellow radius of light ray).

Expecially the melee players, if you know that you’re supposed to move out of a spot during a boss fight, MOVE!
If the party can save a few heals for others, don’t be stingy.
You are still needed for your dps later on, don’t die for the sake of wanting that extra dps when you are supposed to move for that split second…
Because of for example, a hurricane/tornado moving around.



Like I’ve mentioned before, this is just the basics.
It’s only based on experience of RHM for the past weeks and learning from a lot of sifu I’ve met along the way.

Above all, enjoy the game.
Please don’t annoy others… >_<
Most people are not remembered for the good things (unless spectacular).
But will remembered for being a horrible player.

Good luck!


5 thoughts on “RO2 RHM

  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading all that is written on your website.Keep the aarticles coming. I liked it!

  2. I have another question about Dungeon Lockouts, if you would help me clarify 🙂

    I went into the Garden of Bapho (normal) yesterday and only had time to kill the first boss (Minotaur Chung-I), and had to leave. Now I have a Dungeon Lockout that says 1/4 boss complete which is correct. Does this mean I can still join a Bapho raid except I can’t roll on the Minotaur Chung-I item?

  3. Hey Icesabel, been new to the MMO scene and having a hard time understanding all the abbreviations and shortforms in the game and on forum…..finally found a great article by you on RHM….(clueless on what it means before this)….THANKS TO YOU!!!!

    Maybe you should start a blog thread and post all the definitions of MMO abre…like DPS, AOE…etc…
    Will be super helpful to newbies like me….

    • Helloooooo Mag!! ^_^

      🙂 You’re welcome and welcome to the MMO world!

      RHM isn’t a MMORPG lingo/slang. It’s created in RO2 because of the game-play. But, sure.. I’ll create a post on that soon. ^_^


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