Let’s make some $_$

The auction service can be found in centre of Prontera (as you can see in the map in the image below).



Like any other auction services that you find in a lot of MMORPGs, this functions pretty much the same way. 😛

Auction List: Where you can search for a particular item that you have in mind. – Unfortunately, the search feature isn’t something to look forward to. In short, it’s not good enough.
Bid List: All the items you’ve been bidding on.
Register Sale: Where you sell your items.

You can sell an item for a duration of between 1-day, 3-days and 7-days.
All of which will have different registration fees (before the item can be auctioned) and an additional Sales fees of 5% (after the sales have been made).



Once an item has been sold, you’ll get a flickering icon on the bottom right of your screen, same place as all the other flickering icons. ^_^

Collect your cash at any mailbox near you.


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