RO2 Dungeons – Random Hard Mode – Drops – Event

If you’ve been seeing people shouting or stating RHM in their post and wondering what that is.
It’s short for Random Hard Mode.

When you press “N”, select “Find Dungeon” and sort to “Random Dungeon (Hard)”…
You can randomly join any of those dungeons stated in the list after clicking the “Find Dungeon” button.

The difference between choosing a hard-mode manually by running to the dungeon location and RHM is getting the Old Blue Chest.
P.S. In a non-RHM, you don’t need to run to the location if your party leader has already entered the dungeon first.
Neither do you need to be in the same channel.
Just click the flickering tiny button on the bottom right to enter the dungeon.

This chest will give you, well… pretty much from Blue (bound item) armor to green/blue materials to any types of potions.
All of which are random.



There are dungeon lockouts for Hard Mode (daily).
Just as the Raids – Baphomet (reset every 3 days) and Raids – Arena (reset on Sunday).

Press “C” and you’ll see the assassin-like logo on the right of your Character Info box (just beside your shirt and pants)..
You’ll be able to see how many times you’ve done them.

They can be reset before the intended date and time.
By using a Dungeon reset scroll, which you can get from Item Mall black/white box (as far as I know of).



Also, I’d like to apologise on stating earlier that one of the two highest title stats is the Goblin Leader.
Those two are the highest for killing a World Boss.

The highest Stated Title would be the “Legendary Card Master”.
But, apparently, you’d have to finish 5 Khara missions (glow) as in the picture below.



There was a final event today.

Not sure on what they mean by final event anyway.
(updated.. what final? there was another one the day after)
Since the GMs mentioned there would be purple drops, I dropped by for awhile.
There was one purple drop.. or maybe some of them were lying.. I don’t know.. but, well, it was just one boss.. which did nothing more than spawning a huge web on everyone.



That reminds me of someone who was soooooooooooooooo LUCKY today.
A sorc who just hit 50 and joined the party for RHM.
Weird enough, most of them were new to RHM and the 2 maps we went to.
But, for those 2 maps, she obtained 5 of her Blue items!!!
Felt like raging quit… roflmao~ jk~~
I had to take days to find my items, just like everyone else.
Anyway, even with a group like this, we actually killed the last boss in Fortress of Sandarman (Hard) after the second try.
That was a really good job~
There was even a Purple Artisan scroll to make a level 50 Sorc armor.
Nah… I didn’t get it. >_<
So, yes… NEVER. I say NEVER look down on people who are new to anything.



I hope that someone or a group of people would create a good database on RO2 soon.
There are a few here and there, but, not really informative enough.

But, I’ll share one data.

One of the most expensive cards is the Poisona Card.
I’ve only obtained 2 of them.
My other 3 is the Anacondark Card though.


Drop rate?
The first time round, I killed it 6 times before getting one.
Second time round, it took 36 kills before getting my second card.
I tried the third time round, after a long RHM run, after 100 kills (lol.. don’t judge me >_<), I gave up.
But, look at all the crap in one bag (except for the last row). +_+

Another expensive card is the Scratch Thief Card.


By the way, if you don’t already know, if you are the first to hit a mob, it’s yours even if someone else tries to KS (kill steal) you.


18 thoughts on “RO2 Dungeons – Random Hard Mode – Drops – Event

  1. Thanks for the information! Save me the need to ask my friends who would just say “noob”, “obviously” etc. lol
    Add me in game if you are interested. Lvl 50 rogue, with lousy eq atm haha, ign SummerBear (sg/my)

    • XD You’re welcome. Although… everyone goes through the stage of being a newbie. I always say that there is a difference between a newbie and a noob.

      The difference is that a noob will never learn what is taught by others, while, a newbie will only be clueless once.

      See you around 🙂

  2. Excellent guide! just what i was looking for. Nobody i knew who had experience in RHD tell me what drops in there. Do all RHD drop 50 blue gears?

      • Blue Lvl 50 armor/weapon right?

        Can i ask what server you play in? Apparently, i haven’t seen much players who’d value going into details like you did for the game just yet. It’s actually one of the more accurate and correct guides i’ve seen out there. I’d love to be able to share insights 🙂

      • Yes, correct.

        Thanks. ^_^ It’s still considered a new game, only a month old, so, everyone is still getting more data, but, more people are starting to join in the bandwagon of putting these up. Join in. Who knows.. you might know something others don’t. 🙂

  3. thanks for the guide, it’s really helpfull, since i just hit lv 50 recently, and your guide really helped me, specially at random dungeon 🙂

  4. Heyy… Thanks for the wonderful guide =) Really informative. I have yet to attempt RHM, but when I do, I’ll keep the info in mind ^^

  5. Ice, how many person can party for rhm? 5 or 10? Can we form a party first then the leader click n for rhm? So that we don’t need to join with stranger.


    • Hi hi Xueni!! ^_^

      RHM is a 5-man party, although, you can do it with less.

      You could add people to your party by shouting from /3 and advertising in the “N” > Find Party. Some interested guy/girl will probably message the party leader (if you aren’t already the leader) and you can choose to add/reject that person based on what type of class you need at that moment.

      The leader can then go to “N” > Find Dungeon > “Random Dungeon Hard” from the drop down list > Find Dungeon

  6. Hi icesabel,after we have done killing final boss at RHM…how to exit dungeon instanly without running all the way back to entrance portal? I’m just experienced my first RHM run today…

    • Hi hi Sebastian!!

      If your party wants to do another RHM after that, request everyone to type something in the chat, so the leader can add everyone back easily later.

      Now, everyone should quit the party and get the party reformed again. Quitting the party will kick you out of the dungeon.

  7. Hi Icesabel,

    I was wondering that what are those green and blue materials from obb…
    It seem like doesn’t have any other usage except crating eq…
    since we able to get better eq through raids or colo, so if there any other better usage for those materials??


    • Hi Kim ^_^

      As far as I know, they’re only used for crafting.
      I remember people wanting to craft their gears when colo wasn’t opened yet and the raids were pretty tough on us back then.

      Right now, even without going to raids, people can still go colo and get pretty good eq.
      It can sometimes be tough on a person to find good raiding teams (kicking you for not wearing decent eq or not enough hp or whatever other excuse that they can rake up) and/or get drops (no luck and the drops aren’t for your class or you keep losing the roll or worse, ninja.. ninjas everywhere~), so, they go for colo.
      But not everyone likes pvp though, so, they might go back to the basics of making money and then craft.

      But yeah.. they’re only for crafting.
      There are some good materials that are in demand and you can make good money out of selling them.


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