But… I have to buy that!

They were distributing organisation-branded notebook-organiser thingy and a water bottle to everyone.
I took the bottle.. thank you.. then said.. I don’t need the notebook… I use an ipad mini… to save paper! XD
The accountant behind me jokingly added on.. “next time, can we get an ipad or any brand device instead of a paper notebook?”.
The admin lady who was doing the distribution jokingly said.. “if we have the budget in the future”.
Yeah… right… ~~~



That reminded me of how the current generation is so teched up.
It seems to be compulsory for students after scondary school (15 years old or so) onwards to own a laptop (for some schools).

My colleague’s daughter had to buy a Macbook as part of the curriculum and she’s only 13.
Apple sure does make money thanks to those schools!!!
I set it up for them after her mum bought it.
Just when I thought that my younger sister had to get a laptop for school when she was 19.

Ok ok.. I had a family desktop pc since I was 10 or so… that turned me into a gamer and that was in the 90s.
Not that laptops were mobile or cheap and nice enough to use back then.
I’m not even speaking about 6 year old kids having their own smartphones… to call or message.. ermm.. who again??!

I didn’t get a pager until I was 16 and everything came out from my own pocket money which I can only have a meal a day with.
Only the more well to do kids could afford a mobile phone back then.
But, then again, my older bro got a Macbook lappie when I was 16, which I fell in love with, and used it more than he did.
That was when I was converted into a web designer.

Although, I kept buying computer parts to upgrade and assemble my own desktop, I never owned a laptop until in my 20s.
I didn’t buy my first one either.
My company wanted to throw that laptop away but it was still usable, so I took it in instead.
Rarely use it, as my desktop was far more superior.

My first self-purchased own laptop would be the ASUS G75VX that I bought last month.
That was only because I didn’t want to upgrade my desktop anymore… which hasn’t been upgraded for a few years.

But I was lucky enough to get an iPad mini for my last birthday.
Although, I actually don’t use it that often.
I have my over-powered laptop when I’m at home and I haven’t been out unless I go to work.
So.. hmmm.. I didn’t even think of buying it since it wasn’t a need.
I’m still thankful for getting it though.



These kind of things that I see as time goes by…
Makes me feel old.
Hahahaha~ XD



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