RO2 Costumes

I love game costumes.. I’m one of those avid collectors of cash shop/item mall costumes of any game.

So, I was pretty excited to see this.


8 thoughts on “RO2 Costumes

    • Hello Joseph! ^_^

      They can be obtained from the Item Mall or from other people who are reselling these.

      Asiasoft keeps changing the name of the boxes the costumes are, but currently:
      Memorable RO Face Piece Box: 30-days duration for lower face accessories & possibly headgear/middle face accesories
      Memorable RO Face Accessories Box: 30-days duration for middle face accessories & possibly headgear
      Memorable RO Headgear Box: 30-days duration for headgear & possibly middle/lower face accessories

      Munil’s Yellow Treasure Chest & Munil’s Beige Treasure Chest: Permanent headgear / bodygear

      On certain events/occasions, they’d sell special sets, such as during Chinese New Year, they sold the Cheongsam by itself for either 30-day duration or permanent ones. Which was on “sale” for 2 weeks or so.

      They also used to have Dazzling Girl’s/Boy’s Clothes Bag which contained 30-days duration bodygear.

      As a note: They’re selling 30-days extension thingy to extend the duration of the accessories/bodygear.

      I’m hope I don’t sound like someone who’s doing a sales job.. lol~ hope that answers your question! 🙂

  1. Your info are so great, clear in explanation and easy to understand..
    I’ve not seen answers like that in years, thank you !

    You sounds like someone who know the game = )

  2. Hi Icesabel,

    If I equip my permanent costume, such as Angel Costume, will it be soulbound item to me? Then I wont be able to resell it anymore, or equiped costume doesnt matter the bound status?

    Thanks for your explanation..

  3. Hi Icesabel, great article. Just a quick question. You mentioned the Munil’s Yellow Treasure Chest & Munil’s Beige Treasure Chest: which include the permanent headgear/body pieces, is every available(all kinds of) headgear/body piece able to be permanent?

    And what do you reccomend me purchase, if I want to find a specific headgear called, Maid Headband?

  4. There aren’t many different kinds of clothes from those cash shop boxes. PLUS, they are gender locked. So if you buy, say, three boxes, theres a chance you’ll end up with three useless clothes :/


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