RO2 Sandarman Fortress + Garden of Baphomet + Goblin Leader

On Sunday night, after a couple of hours upon reaching the cap level…
Decided to find a pub party for the Fortress of Sandarman.
Found one which was nearly a full one, but, without a range dps.
They wanted to go on Hard Mode.
Newbie Icesabel then went in the dungeon for the first time… on hard mode straight away.

Well, as long as someone does a good briefing, things will go fine, unless that boss fight is truly really challenging.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t down the last boss.
Not sure whether it was the reduce damage buffs were not done correctly or it’s of another problem.
Good news is, I obtained my first blue level 50, a pair of boots!



One of them asked if we wanted to try the Garden of Baphomet, as a friend of his was inviting us.
I was curious, although, knowing very well, that I am not equipped at all… >_< after all, I’ve just hit max level not long ago and did nothing after that.
Pathetically, I was the only one without a “Goblin Leader” title, one of the two titles of (same stats) highest stats.
It was a pub and they were nice enough not to say anything about me being a newbie.
We downed the first 3 bosses and the two final minotaurs, except for the last boss.
The raid party was in a mess whilst trying to kill the last boss.. so.. we gave up after a couple of tries.
I didn’t get anything, but, I was expecting to anyway.



Today, after a late evening meeting, I rushed to see my orthodontist before heading home to game.

Randomly searched for a party to kill the Goblin Leader, since, I felt so left out earlier… tee hee~
After killing it for the title, I carried on to farm with them for a weapon.
After a good hour, while in a horrible lag all the while, I died, as everyone lagged out and the tank died… then, I died again while running back to the spot.
They finished killing the boss while I was running back and lo and behold, they rolled the item without me.
Well, 2 of them abandoned the roll but the other 2 rolled it and the priest got it.
Then, he left to have dinner.

I was trying to tell myself it’s just a game.
But… wow.. it actually felt painful.. that I had to bite back my tears.
You wouldn’t understand unless you’re in my shoes… but, I knew that I’d still get it later on.. kept telling myself that it’s fine.
But… it really was hurtful inside.
I wanted to leave the party but decided not to.
20 mins later,the leader found a sorcerer to heal us.


After 3 kills, plomppp… it dropped!
In fact, it dropped again, 2 kills later.
Probably was testing my patience.



Going to bed now.

G’night everyone~


12 thoughts on “RO2 Sandarman Fortress + Garden of Baphomet + Goblin Leader

  1. May i ask your server name? maybe were in the same server might as well team up in the future im in freyja still not 50 though but almost there. Nice blog by the way =P im still newbie but learning..

    • Unfortunately, I’m playing in Jormungand. ^_^ I’m always learning from others as well~ Thanks for dropping by and good luck on playing RO2!!

  2. I feel your pain on dying and then you decide to walk back to the area and then the boss dies…weapoin drops…rolls and you are like 10 secs away from getting there and someone takes it >_< Your posts made me laugh xD Thanks for the laughs :3

  3. Hey Ice, what is the different names for equipment from RHD, PVE, and Bapho? (Darkness Valk? Desperate Apostle?

    What’s the typical minimum HP for ranger on RHD, PVE, and Bapho?


    • Hi Dave!! ^_^

      I can’t answer you on the ranger hp because I really can’t remember.
      Been 4 months since I played RO2.
      But, for the rest…

      Not sure what PVE means here.. because I don’t think you’re talking about player vs environment.. hehe~

      Let’s see… RHM/RHD – (Random Hard Mode Dungeon).. I wrote something on that RO2 RHM
      Basically, once you’re max level, go for RHD to gear up for blue armor.
      While doing so, you can also go farming on the Goblin Leader to get your blue weapon.

      The first raid you’ll go through would be Arena and Baphomet, in a group of 10.
      There’s the normal and hard mode.
      Usually, you’d have to gear up with RHD blue armor and weapon before people would invite you to Arena/Baphomet Normal Mode.
      But, it’s pretty subjective… some don’t care about the team’s sets.
      The Normal Mode is easy once you’ve gotten the hang of what the bosses do, but, if you’d like to know more about Baphomet Hard Mode, I’ve written something on it.
      I didn’t write on how to kill those bosses, but, if you google for it, I think there’s a couple of how-tos on the normal modes.

      So, you’ll have to go through this series.
      Max level > RHM/RHD – (Random Hard Mode Dungeon) > Arena/Baphomet (N) > Arena/Baphomet (H)

      Good luck!!


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