Finally… 50!
Both, class and profession.

Could only get 1 level a day on weekdays due to work.
Plus, with the lag and horrible bugs… still managed to hit 50 in the afternoon.


10 thoughts on “50

  1. way to go isabel 😀 Congrats, i’m still fighting my way up lol. Good on you lvl 50 🙂
    btw which server are you on?
    and where do you live?

      • Oh naise… ur from sg too haha. Im a sorc. Working in the day time so…. dont really hwve much time to play. Only able to make 2 lvls a day haha

      • We’re in need of a sorc for our raid team. I’m working during office hours too and I could only reach 1 level a day at night ’cause I need more sleep time. But, last week and the week before, I was playing a lot.

  2. Well. I certainly dont think im high lvl enuff for ur party(as of now) Anyways, Speaking of time management. Last week it was quite bad for me.. I played till about 3 am and slept 5 hrs or less before waking up for work everyday haha… some days I would unknowingly play till 5am… and of coz without needing to say I was late for work. There was once where I woke up at 11am alarm didnt go off.. tsk tsk.. Had to apply for half day leave.. lmao… I need to find a solution out of this soon before I lose my job haha…

    • N btw the dungeon lags r pissing me off! Haha
      I spent 3 hrs yesterday night wasting my time with nothing done just coz of the irritating dungeon bugs n lags. Grrrr

    • haha.. be careful on your addiction to gaming.Maybe you could set an alarm to go to sleep so you will stop playing.. 😛

      • Haha thanks I made an improvement yesterday slep at 12am. Well… that was just coz I was pissed off with the dungeons lags n bugs. So I went to sleep. Haha


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