Expensive Storage

The Item Mall was opened a couple of days back.

For one, we have a Khara Quest that needs us to acquire 3 super large bags.
But guess how much it costs?
Approx SGD$18.

Warehouse slots?
Approx SGD$15.


Anyway, do upgrade all your bags to medium sized ones as soon as you can get hold of them.
You’ll always need more space to keep drops.

Now, if only there was a section to keep profession drops.


9 thoughts on “Expensive Storage

    • Not for this super large bag. Only this one is an item mall eq.

      The biggest sized bag that is dropped by a mob is the medium bags, as far as I know of.

  1. Hi Ice, what is the link for item mall? So you know how much is the reset scroll in sgd? Is the reset skill scroll restore all the skill point or just one only?

    • Hi hi ^_^ The link is in-game. At the bottom left, you’ll see a button with a girl and the words “Kafra Item Shop”, which will open the item mall. Sorry, I can’t go online right now to check (maintenance), but SG$10 = 10,000 RO2 Cash… can’t remember the exact cost.

      For reset skill scroll, it will reset everything to be back to default aka all to 0.

  2. Btw, I’m playing sorcerer. I know full support skill is important for raiding. But it’s very hard to give up pvp and ultimate damage skill, especially I’m only at level 32, still a long way to go. It’s boring without certain damage while leveling and be defeated by other player in pvp. Wish they know sorc is not easy to bully. So, need to know at what cost if I need this premium.


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