RO2 Level Up!

I’m quite angry that since I can only play my game at night, that’s when the server decides to lag insanely!!
I can’t do anything for more than 15 mins at a time.
No skills.. can’t change channel.. can’t do anything.
Was hoping to reach level 40 before I go to bed.

Since I can’t do anything in game right now…
I’ll give you some advice on how to level up.

Updated: I did get to 40 before I went to sleep >_<



In some games, pure grinding on mobs on certain level difference from you is a plus.
For this, just stick to around 1-2 level(s) above/below or of the same level.
It’s easier and faster to kill anyway.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to kill mobs that are of 3-4 levels difference.
But, if you’ve been doing the quests as it should, that huge level gap should not even occur.



Questing is faster.
Collect all the available quests in the map and do them in sequence, so you don’t need to waste your time to run all over the map or waste your money on flying.

Way faster than just killing certain mobs of the same level.
This should be a norm if you’ve been playing any level-up games.

As an add-in, since I’m in a guild that has already recruited 60+ people and a level 1 guild can only hold 20 people, all of us have been contributing a % of our Exp to the guild.
The maximum % you can donate to the guild is 50%, even if you’re at max level.
But, since you’re questing, the % you get from killing mobs, which is of a very small amount..
Plus, Exp that you receive via quests rewards cannot be contributed to the guild Exp
It’s pretty fine to donate even 50% of your Exp to your guild.
Exp from Khara reward will be donated to your guild.



If you’re a range dps, find a nice spot in between a lot of the mobs that you need.
At times, if you have 2 quests at the same time (killing 2 different mobs) and they actually spawn around the same radius, stand in the middle of that.
Enough to stay away from spawning points of Aggro mobs, yet, also enough to kill 2 kinds at once.

Save time from running to and fro, finishing 2 quests at the same time.


Khara quests of the same type of mob usually appear at the same time as the normal quests that you get.
For example, when you get a quest to kill small ants, open your khara box, and you might see a quest for you to kill big ants.
These mobs are usually around the same area, so, take that opportunity to your advantage.


Talking about Khara, if you are after leveling before anything else, then, choose to do the ones that give you xp first before spending extra time to get titles and Khara points.

Unless you deperately want that awesome title for the name or extra the stat points (which you can also do certain quests), you can skip these for later when you are free and can gang up with a group of friends or pug it out to kill 3-4 world bosses at once.

Khara points are good in getting more points to get more khara quests, so it’s not wrong to do them while you’re in the area of the mobs you’re doing your conventional quests.


Daily Quests
They are available from South Plain onwards.
You can get this from the Bulletin Board of each map.
It resets at 6am everyday, if my memory serves me right, else please correct me. 😛

From my experience, I only need to do this once before I actually already need to move on to the next map.
I did skip it in 2 maps, as the normal quests are sufficient.


Monster Buster Quests
You can get these quests via the NPC, but, you’ll have to pay for the scroll that starts the quest.
It’s not worth it so far.
Expensive and the reward Experience is horrible.
But, if somehow you’ve finished all the quests in that certain map without wanting to go to the next map, including the daily quests and Khara quests, pay the NPC and go kill some mobs.


Leveling up your profession.
I don’t know about you, but, I’d rather scavenge the carcass of the mob after I kill it for my quest, so, I can create my level armor at the same time as I quest and is leveling, rather than later so that I can make armor and stones for myself that aren’t available through quests or drops.

I did try making a Chef and a Blacksmith while in CBT and the first phase of the OBT.
Picking up grass and mining stones are an extra chore, so, I guess that’s a bit more tough on the alchemist and blacksmith.
To make food out of the recipes for a chef is actually quite tedious as well though.

So, it’s up to you to do this after you max your level…
Before you can start marketing your finished products.
Or with a reason like mine, use my self-crafted items that are the same level as myself.

But, at level 20 of your profession, you will get a level 1 guardian and it will level up as you upgrade your profession skill.

The 4 guardians (picture below)


Dungeon runs aren’t really meant for leveling per se.
Like I’ve said earlier, the Exp from mobs are actually quite pathetic (to me it is.. lol XD).

Only if you have quests in that dungeon or if you’re farming for a weapon or armor, then, feel free to do so.
It is a bonus that this game will freely give you good armor and weapon without farming for one, as you advance, except after finishing the quests that the NPC has given you, of course.
Thus, they’ve made it easy for you to level, compared to most other RPGs.
So, no worries.



Use the party system.
Create your own party or “self-market” yourself in the different options that are available!
You can shout in the “find party” channel, but, in the meantime, you could add your name to the list as well.

Party with same level people and do the same quests together.
Not only do your get the drops and kills faster, you can kill the mini world boss quests with ease too.


Pot up or eat up your food!
You may think that the HP and SP potions are expensive and you’re trying to save up your rupees and zeny… hey.. after all, you really do want to get that Khara quest on achieving 400 zeny!!
Ok, if you’re really broke as you say you are, buy food instead.
But potting makes leveling faster and you really do need them during emergencies and while killing bosses.
You can say that it’s more of an investment.

If you’re not questing, you’re not going to have much zeny anyway.



Buy a mount @ level 15 in Prontera (first huge town).
You should already have more than 10 zeny by the time you reach that level, if you’ve been dutifully doing your quests.


Last, but not least, don’t stay a loner even if you started out playing alone.
Make friends and have fun.
Leveling will not seem like it’s taking hours when you’re doing it with others whilst chatting.
Join a random party.
It’s a bonus if you have more variety of classes of friends.. teehee~
Join a guild and later on, go raiding and PVP with them.
That’s the best part of MMORPGs (or any other MMOs).


5 thoughts on “RO2 Level Up!

  1. Wow great article about this RO 2,
    Thanks to you that I got this so much of info, especially for the leveling up tips, and also the guardians skills.
    Looking forward to your next post

    • Any screenshot to share? If you click on the Khara Bonus Mission button, it should show you the row/column/diagonal or even both row and column at the same time. If you’ve done it all as you should, then maybe there’s a bug, which you’ll have to send a screenshot and inform them @ RO2 fb page. I think they have a section where you can post it.


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