Never Been Better

It’s just the title of the song.



It’s the last day of the year.
The time when people start making resolutions and go “omg.. time flies so fast!”.
Laughing, smiling or a little teardrop falls quietly as you look back at everything.
Remember the good and the bad.


Well, I do the looking back thingy every other night and a huge one done on my birthday.
It’s a more appropriate time because that’s the date when you first came into the world.
Not the time given by whoever created the calendar… no offense.

Time does go by fast (If I’m more serious: it’s stated as one of the signs of doomsday).

Plus, with all the bad things that come, my perception and take on a lot of things evolve.
Hopefully, for the better.
One of the things that has changed about me compared to my old self is wanting to do more in such a short time.
Probably because I knew how it felt to have things cut short and the amount of time and energy wasted.
Remember that, without going through the bad, you won’t really appreciate the good with sincerity.

I don’t make new-year resolutions.
I actually make them every other day as time goes by, as and when needed.
Been doing that way back when I wasn’t even a teen yet… then again, I’m a weird deep-thinker.
But, my life went that way, the way yours went your way.
Resolutions are not meant to be created to make you suffer.
That was your choice.
It’s created to make yourself what you plan yourself to be.
Sometimes, it won’t go your way, as life goes.
But, picking yourself up and striving for the better after a downfall of any sort is a resolution in itself.


Last, but not least, amongst all the people in the world who tend to wear masks to cover their real selves from society…
Even if you’re afraid to be yourself and want to blend into your own community.. if it’s a good thing.. fine..
I hope there will always be people who will restore others’ faith in humanity..
The real deal.
Be true to yourself.
(Unless you’re a psychopath.. then.. please.. help yourself first.)

I get weak when I see others in a sad position, poverty, in pain, etc.
But they don’t want that from anyone…
They’d say…
Don’t be sorry, we don’t want to be pitied, we work hard, we help others whenever we can and expect nothing in return but for others to be happy just as well..
They want your strength, that you’d do the same for others, they want something that you take for granted.
You don’t necessarily need to go through their life story.
Thus, you smile while you cry.

I don’t envy the rich for taking everything for granted.
I envy the poor for being so strong mentally and emotionally.

I’m not asking you to do something you don’t want.
Neither am I saying that should be your resolution.
But, some day, when you look back or have to pass through a big barrier, just remember that through those tears, you can smile.
What have you been doing with your life, that you’d rather make no real happy memories out of it?

The best thing in life is free.
What were you looking for in the first place?



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