I’m not that good at forming words when it comes to something that makes me too upset.
She was brought here to Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre and Hospital and passed away yesterday.
I hope that justice will be put in place. Rest in peace, my dear.



But, I usually form my feelings into pictures, what I can’t express in words.
I created this 2 years ago.

At times, when I get frustrated over these, I just wish they would be placed into the victim’s shoes and feel that amount of pain and suffering.
How long can they withstand that insidious nightmare throughout their whole life.
Unfortunately, there will always be barbaric humans with no sense of feelings or to use their brains to separate between what is right and what is wrong.


The real meaning of this piece is based on sexually assaulted and abused victims who feel lost.. broken..
A heinous violation of both the mind and body.
Living in a nightmare where you can never wake up from.
Taking months, if not years, for a person to recover from such a trauma, if they ever do at all.
May all of you stay strong and keep moving ahead~

Isn’t there a day when you wish the rain could wash away all the negativity of the world?

This piece is in no way portrayed in a cavalier way, if it was perceived to be, that is.




boy you’ll never know how it feels to fear the shame
feel free to walk down any dark street without fear
without shame no one is going to touch you
and you don’t need protection she shouldn’t need protection…

and you can sit there with that stupid smile on your face
and try to convince me that you care
defined by your power, defined by her body
the innocence she feels, everybody else contains
it’s lost it’s gone…

and if he ever cares, maybe he will feel ashamed
for everything he’s stolen, for all the trust she gave
possessed and broken, she cries…



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