My body is heating up.
Must be the extra hot chilli tuna that I had for dinner.
I hope it’ll cool down by tonight and not get a fever tomorrow.



I tried Webzen’s C9, Steam’s Ricochet and the 2 RO2 stress tests done by Asiasoft.
Nothing that caught my fancy today.


Hey.. at least there’s 2 servers set up for RO2 now.
But, it’s overflowed with people for both… “red light” for all the channels.
I tried playing the mage and it was awesome.
Maybe that’ll be my second character.

2012_12_28 22_21_47

I didn’t know that C9 was pretty good.
Graphics wasn’t that nice though although it is somewhat supposed to be 3D of some sort.
Old world 3D or is it old school 3D?
Game-play reminds me of Dragon Nest, but, with a “matured” rating.
No click and die repetitive thing.. lots of your own combos based on the situation.
I tried it because I was emailed and given free stuff, so, yeah.. I gave it a little spin.



Don’t really feel like saying much right now.
Feeling uneasy with the heatiness of my body.
As if I’ve eaten loads of chilli.
Which I didn’t… it was only a little.



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