I guess it’s just not my week.



I’m talking about RO2 OBT.

Initially, they announced the opening of OBT on 27th December, at 3pm.
But, with a sudden surge of traffic overload, their servers failed to accommodate and crashed.
This included Playpark’s own server itself, not only Asiasoft’s RO2.
Hmmm.. I was pinging and checking out their IP connection.

They quickly set up a backup server, but, only apologized and announced of getting the server up by 4pm.
By then, the raging comments had begun!

I was the few who could login at 3.30 and I did tell my guildies, but only 3.. or was it 4 of us who could enter.
The rest of them were stranded.

While the rest of the world were still having issues with either logging into the game, or unable to patch the game itself.

I wasn’t able to manually patch the game on both my desktop with my Win XP and my laptop with my Win 8.
So, I re-installed the game and patched it back, and it worked fine afterwards.
Apparently, some who were unable to login/patch had this IP problem thingy.
Not really sure what the problem was about, but none of my guildies had it.

It had nothing to do with the fact whether you’re using PlayID or FB as your login.
But, in all seriousness, SERIOUSLY???? People are logging into everything using their FB account.
I’m sorry, your choice.
But, there are consequences to certain choices you make.
Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that.

By probably 8, my guild leader finally got to create a character and added the few of us as his friends in-game.
But, before we knew it, the server went down without warning at around 9.30pm.



The server went up and down, was up again at around 12am, 2am, 4am and 8am.
But, that was the last before their chairman gave an EPIC FAIL announcement at 12pm that they’d change the OBT date to 3rd January.
All the characters would be wiped out and they’d change the contests rules and whatnot.
Also, they would do random stress test during this one week.

Between the downtime, they continuously made players wait anxiously without mentioning a time frame until much later.
Extremely much later.. too long a time frame which I think is considered inconsiderate.
I did fall asleep during the morning, but my guildies were messaging each other in FB that my ipad mini went “ting.. ting.. ting” and woke me up.
Tee hee~

Weird enough, I wasn’t upset.
Although I was looking forward to it.
I didn’t expect the date to be pushed that far.
I did expect the servers to fail, just like in most other MMORPG that I’ve played in.
It’s just natural to have a surge like that.
They should’ve known that!
It happens.
It will happen, no matter how good you think your network and servers are.
Which MMORPG server (a game that has been anticipated by a huge population of followers by some hype) gone through that?
Even the big shots, you know who they are, went through that stage.
But either their backups worked fine or their back-end IT team is a talented awesome bunch.

At night, I went on a little checkup on their network.
They probably had load-balanced their connection, but, the server for RO2 was still staggering to be put in place.

Since yesterday, the first thought that came to my mind when their first negative announcement was made.
I wouldn’t want to be part of the IT team at that moment.
They must’ve been stressed to death.
In fact, unless they changed shifts, they’ve actually worked for 2 days straight.
To me, without real rest, you will not get the right solutions, or you might accidentally cause a bigger problem, or you will get the answers to your problems but at a much later time.. thus, wasted time and energy.
Or whatever that I’ve forgotten to mention about.
Hmm.. yeah.. my two-cents experience.

But, now that the feeling of negativeness has dissolved from me, I feel that it would’ve been an awesome experience to take up the challenge!
First things first, they should’ve anticipated this when they hyped it up and wanted to call in 100k players to hook up to their system.
The basic rules for a server/network admin.



There were a lot of hatred being spilled onto RO2’s FB page.
Racists remarks.
SEA vs US/Europe, etc.
Towards Asiasoft.

Racists remarks were made mainly for PH and BR.
Filipinos and Brazilians.
The world has been doing it since I started playing MMOs.
I can’t say it’s untrue about their behavior, but, I have to stress that not everyone is like so.
So, it is unfair to judge others plainly because the rest are black sheeps.

The game was stated to be RO2 SEA.
South-East Asia.
Yet, Asiasoft opened their arms to the whole world.
With the downfall of the OBT, the Asians raged in words wanting Asiasoft to block the IPs of non-SEA.
If that is the choice of Asiasoft’s team, then, they should’ve made the right plans to make it work efficiently.
But, it is unfair to unwelcome the others.
I’ve played non-SEA servers in most MMO games.
(Unless, one Asian country already has that game in their hands, thus, an IP block.
But, knowing me… I know my ways to getting anywhere. >_< )
Simply because I really love playing with the US/Europe people.
Am I racist to say that I prefer their method and attitude in playing and as a person in-game?
They welcomed me with open arms in their guilds.
They didn’t see me as an Asian.
They saw me as a player, a team player, a guild mate.

You failed to build a strong foundation.
Maybe it’s a failure of backup, maybe the network, maybe it’s a low-end server..I don’t know.
Hopefully, it will teach you something.
Also, hopefully, you will not overwork and stress your IT peeps and to meet demands of where money is needed to upgrade hardware.
God.. I hate it when the higher ups think that IT does not need $$, yet, overwork us and “abandon” us without the thought that we are just as important as other departments!
Else, oh well.. you’re probably a rich company.. do whatever you want.
There are other games to play anyway.
So, I’m not going to rant about crap.



Well, let’s just see what happens on 3rd January onwards.
Although, a lot of people would be busy with school and work by then.



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