I just got home from buying some necessities to eat for the next few days.

Was at the lift lobby just now, with another teenage girl, a young boy and his mother.
I was standing quite far from the lift that they were standing at, nearer to the other lift.
There are 2 lifts anyway.
The lift they were standing at, was at level 7 for quite some time.
So, the teenage girl pressed the up button a few more times.
When that door finally did open, a very old lady came out.
The girl doesn’t seem to care to press the button to open.
I heard the old lady talk to the boy’s mother.
I was looking to the side by then.
While the teenage girl tried to quickly enter the lift.
Somehow, the lift was closing and the girl tried to push the sides with her hands.
I could’ve shouted “don’t be stupid” with anger while I quickly pressed the button repeatedly to open it.
It was already closing to the point even half of her can’t enter and she still placed her arms between them.
It could’ve malfunction and not open at all.
And she was STILL trying to pry the closing door from closing.
What the….?

I don’t know whether that was supposed to be karma…
But, what was she thinking???



Anyway, I’ve given it some thought.
I do know some who’s skills and knowledge are pretty awesome too, but, even they are being paid lesser than the other ones.
Sad enough, I know who their boss is, he was my ex-boss.
I’m in no place to judge, but, if it’s to a point where even the group of them are overwhelmed with too much work from new clients…
His juniors deserve even the slightest yearly increment.
I have no idea what’s going through his mind.
Maybe I should go talk to him.
I’m feeling sad for them because I do know that they’ve worked hard.
I do pity him, for the thought, that they have a choice to leave him stranded.

But, I’m facing the same thing just as well.
I did talk to my current boss and pretty much said that indirectly.
I know he got the point.
But whether he did fight for me, he himself is facing the same situation just as well!

Working hard is not sufficient.
Not even working smart.
You still need luck amongst it all.

Life isn’t always fair.
You have to make the most out of it.

I can’t lie.
I’d love a higher pay AND easier job scope.
Who wouldn’t want that?
There’s no point sulking over it.

If the guys at the big rubbish collection, as I passed by everyday, always look sincerely happy..
Why was I upset over this matter and forgetting what I already have?
Unfairness. Sure.
It’s bound to happen.

I suppose, they (the lucky ones) do deserve it, I will never know and I don’t need to.
Some things are meant not to be understood… not now.. not yet.



Well, I’m just going to get myself ready for R02 later.
Yes, that explains the sustenance that I’ve bought.
lol ^_^



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