Rest.. I need it

I don’t think they’d blame me for taking one miserable week off from a year’s work.
But, apparently, my ex-boss and some of the other respective countries IT managers are on leave too..
And the directors from the different countries are messaging me!

Do you know what’s funny?
That people tend not to find the right contacts when they have to.
But when in dire state, somehow, they can find my contact.

They should be on leave now too, shouldn’t they?
This year truly is wringing me off to the last drop.
The saddest part of all, is when I found out that a couple of friends have higher pay than me, yet, take it easier than I do.
I found that out on my birthday and I did get a little depressed.
It sure is depressing to work my heart out only to know that others are actually having it better than me without needing this much knowledge or skill.

My bf told me to quit my job and become a cook and open my own shop.
I was bewildered.

The very fact that I could naturally get answers and blend in as if I was born to do this.
How can I give that gift up?
Or am I delusional based on mere coincidences that has been occurring way too often?
I hate cooking anyway.

I learned from my own experience that working hard will bring in rewards later.
But, have I been wasting time on all these?
I’m starting to think that being a girl sucks big time.
If I’m not wrong… I did apply for the same post as they did before.
Where did I go wrong?
A simpler job with a higher pay.
They need guys and guys only.

Discrimination sucks.
I’ve once said.. before I can show my skills, they push me aside.
Why? They’d think I can’t carry heavy equipment?
No way can that be an excuse.
All my bosses and colleagues, now or ex, can vouch to me carrying xU servers/NAS and whatnot.
Or huge amounts of items that has being brought in.

Hey.. I don’t mind doing the same thing.
How’d I know my skills are better? No seriously.
‘Cause I know what they’ve been doing and ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I feel like a total loser.



This world is filled with people with a high amount of luck.
Those who are meant to suffer.. will suffer.
And I’m one of them.
I guess, I’ll have to start another round of serious thinking if I really want to fight my way through this men-infested industry.
I do have a degree in Banking and Finance to fall back on, but, I hate it to death.

The other guys better help me when I’m in need later on.. since I’m covering their butt now.
And I’m supposed to be on leave now too.
Else, I’ll really start to think that this isn’t the place for me.

Being angry isn’t going to help me have a clear mind.
I really do need rest.


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