My Birthday – 25th Dec

Today was awesome!

Had lunch at the new 1 Market by CHEF WAN at Plaza Singapura.
Opened my present.. got an iPad mini!
Watched Wreck-It Ralph at Suntec.
Shopped for my iPad mini cover and accessories at Bugis.
And.. ermm.. hmmm.. well.. the rest is a secret.

Been listening to this song.



One trivia about me and my birthday.

I was the first baby born in the hospital.
It was at 12.30am I think.. I can’t remember.. too lazy to check my birth certificate.
But, the second baby got the Christmas hamper because I’m a Muslim.
/shrugs.. which is fine with me (when I think of it later on, of course.. haha) and my parents.

Apparently, I was supposed to be born on the late night of 24th December, but, I didn’t want to see the world yet.
After checking her, her gynecologist apparently went off to the hospital’s Christmas event.
But was called back when she felt the pain of me wanting to come out.
Somehow, I came legs first, causing a breech birth.. which nearly cost my mum’s life.
She was advised to do cesarean, but, she refused, so, well, I did go out a natural birth.
Later complications was that, there was something wrong with my breathing and I nearly didn’t live.
But, well, God wanted both of us to live on. Alhamdullilah.

Also, when she had my younger sister, the youngest among my siblings, my mum was well in her 40s.
The doctors advised her to abort because there could be complications of disabilities.
But she refused.
My sis is 7 years younger than me, but, when we’re out together, people either think we’re not related
Or if they do know we’re related (like relatives whom we rarely visit), they’d think she’s the older sister.
When she was about to be given birth, the doctor again advised her of some complications, but, well, my mum is a stubborn and strong woman.
The only defect she has is probably her eyesight, but it isn’t anything serious.

I might not be close to my mum.
Neither do we have a good relationship at all.
But, the very reason that we have the same character, whereby, fire and fire does not work well together…
Is the very reason we actually bond because I’m her mirror image in many ways.
I love and respect her the second and foremost, before anyone else in this world.
First is God.


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