10 Years

That was me in 2002… 10 years ago.


And me in 2012.
Don’t judge me…



But… but.. but…
Look at my CRT upgraded to a LCD monitor!!!!!!
Oh me gosh~




So.. I’m going to be 29 on Christmas Day.
Usually, I’d have an uber extra long reflection on the past year.
This year, I’d say that I’ve been too busy with a lot of things…
That I can’t really recall much about what has happened.
Hah… I’m a worrywart.. yeah.. phisshhh~

It has been another year filled with so much ups and downs.. as life normally goes.
But, overall, I think it was fruitful.
I’ve learned so much in such a short time.
Thankful for what I’ve been given and still have.

Hope things will get better next year and the years ahead.

I’ve made a huge step this year too.
Hopefully, things will go as we hope it’ll be.



To everyone else… happy holidays and all the best on whatever you guys and gals are doing/wishing for.


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