The materials used on clothes.

The other day, an overseas colleague was given a voucher and asked me about a store.
I replied with “that store sells shoes, accessories and clothes, but, I won’t go there ’cause I can’t afford it”.
My other colleague went online to see the store with her.
After browsing a little, she said, these don’t look expensive.
$40 for a blouse?
I then said that I’m a cheapskate.
My other colleague added on, we don’t usually buy these things… the blouse that I’m using costs only $10.
So, while the two browsed further, she was asking us whether this and that was of an average price.
Most of the stuff was on sale, so, it was actually pretty alright.
But, still.


Do people even realize that the lesser the cloth on it, the more expensive it can get?
I don’t get it.
But, since most of the designs aren’t to my taste, I don’t bother on them anyway.



I can’t say I’m spendthrift.
I splurge on gaming stuff, whether they are gaming accessories, video games themselves or even in-game cash shop items…
At times, without thinking, except, to have “fallen in love” in them too much to be able to resist it.



Yet, I think twice or trice before buying real life things or really expensive stuff.
Even for this new laptop.
It took me around 3 years to think about really buying a whole new system at once.

I’ll only buy new ones once they’re worn off, currently only have like 4 types of bags that’ll last me a few years.
One sports bag, one long-handled handbag, two short-handled handbags.. yay!
I love mary-janes!

I’ll usually buy those $20 mary-janes that’ll last me a couple of months… ’cause I LOVE walking a lot!
So they get worn out very fast!!!
I’m starting to like browsing for cheap clothes online.
Oh no! T_T
Although I do buy for myself one expensive branded item a year, just to pamper myself.
Cheapskate me 😀
Tee hee~


I spend most of my money on food though.
That’s the trend that I notice.
Second highest would be on skin products and makeup.

I have very sensitive skin and can’t randomly use cheap skin products.
Not only on my face, but my whole body, so, that’s one of my imperfections.
Neither is there any perfect product to use.
I’ll get immune to one product and I’ll have to find a new one.



Hmmm… I’m saving up for something big.
So… hmmm… yeah… *daydreams*



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