Windows Eighttttt

Am I a little late to give my take on Win 8?

Would you believe that my beloved personal self-customized desktop is using Win XP all this while?
That was why I couldn’t play COD:BO2.
Not sure about the versions before that as I didn’t try playing those except for COD: MW.
I pretty much work with Win XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OS, for clients, for my current work though.
Which includes the regular guests who come by the office.

I have no idea if, at times, I get beta invitation because I’m using XP while everyone else is on 7.
Hmm then again.. that could be ’cause I’m a girl.. or maybe ’cause of the age group.

A lot… well, I always hear people whining about the steep learning curve whenever a new OS comes out.
Are you one of those who doesn’t like to take on challenges and whatnot?
You’re probably one of those who love being in the comfort of what you’ve gotten used to.

Oh me?
I was too lazy to upgrade mine.
It costs money… plus…
Didn’t really find a need to upgrade, ’cause I have a regular laptop with Win 7 to do any work related stuff at home.

Comparing XP to 7…
7 is way more awesome.
Don’t even start on Vista… it’s crap.

Anyway, I thought it was going to take ages to adapt to Win 8.
As most would say.. it’s different and they predicted that people won’t like it.
Actually, it only took me an hour or so to understand where’s where and what’s what.
Also, I haven’t done any further reading or research prior to using this.
Then again, I can’t simply place the fact that if I can do it, so can you, either.
But, if you gave it a chance, you’ll get there.

There isn’t any difference between 7 and 8.
Except for the front UI.

I was told to add the start button back.
Sure, I was “lost” when the start button disappeared.
That little taken-for-granted little thingy was there for years!!!!
It was such a habit to click on it.
Although I’ve taken a liking to pin most of my commonly used apps to my taskbar…
On my Win XP and 7 computers (home and work).
But, when if you’re like me, having to keep changing your habits to fix different OS all the time, it’ll be part and parcel in no time at all.

I would love to have the start button.
But, I’m fine with not having it too.

Since there’s not much difference with Win 7, I think it’s just as awesome.
Until….. unless the time comes when there are hidden bugs or some updates that causes me to have trouble later on.

New stuff.
You know the drill.



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