Sorry, I’m a bit slow at updating stuff.
Posted a re-blogged post earlier, but, forgotten to do a little update on the topic.
So… I was thinking about the recent school shooting.
This wasn’t the first and doubt it’d be the last of its kind.
I feel sad for the innocent ones.

As much as they want to blame it on whatever they can point their fingers at…
Violent entertainment?
The freedom of holding onto weaponry?

You can try to control a person using whatever means that you can, but, if they have voices up there and are listening to those…
It isn’t going to be an easy feat to have corrupted minds to lead on peacefully.

Do I sound negative?

There has been so much negativity surrounding me, even in my own country, much less abroad.
It’s stressing me out.


Don’t tear it down, what’s left of me
Give me something I can believe
Make my heart a better place

Hush my dear.. it will all go away.. this is all just a bad dream…



I created that art piece last year.
Was very frustrated and upset at that moment… need I say more?
It doesn’t literally just mean the wars that has been waging in the world.
It means more than just that.



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