A friend once asked me why I played RPGs.
I have lots of reasons to answer that simple question.


But there was one reason that I doubt people would realize it to be one.
One word.
Any ideas yet?



Let’s start from the beginning.

Way back before I got my first computer, I was given Barbie dolls to play with.
If it weren’t my dolls, I would take my older brother’s toys, which were mainly trucks and weapons and you know what else boys play with.
My older brother would scold or hit me and tell my mum or grandma that I took his stuff.
I’ve mentioned before that because of my older bro, growing up, I had boy-hobbies.
Anyway, if I got bored, I’d hide under my grandparent’s king sized bed, which had a thick plank of wood to hold the mattress and draw on that very plank…
With coloured or just plain white chalk.
My imagination would go wild.
Although they were mostly about princesses, the typical fall in love stories.
BUT, it’s not always about princes.. sometimes, they’re ordinary guys..
All of the stories have a similarity to it.
The princess is the heroine.
None were lame weak ones.


I instantaneously fell in love with going on a killing streak in my first FPS, Wolfenstein 3D in the early 90s.
But, it wasn’t until I touched RPGs, that I was given a choice to choose girl/guy characters.
That’s when I always chose being a girl.
They were my…. Barbie dolls!

I think I’ve said before that the RPG characters had part of my real life character.
A reflection of me, although not entirely, but, unlike in real life, could do what I couldn’t.
Plus, be in such beautiful places, thus, I need not create my world.
The devs have already done that for me.



But, no.
I did not play RPGs to get any weak prince or any prince for that matter.
Like I’ve said earlier, there are numerous other reasons to why I game.

Plus, I love beautiful things.
Give me a beautiful fantasy world and I’ll go head over heels for that place.
I can explore for hours and looking at pretty things… +_+

Not all good RPGs are pretty though.
Neverwinter Nights was one of my all-time faves.
I’d play it again at an instant, even if all the powerful game engines were combined to offer a perfect gameplay (or graphics in this point).
Gotta admit that it isn’t a pretty world at all.
In fact, it’s kinda dreary.
The girls are drop dead ugly.
But, that is one whopping ass game!
The exploration process is endless.

Dungeon & Dragons are coming up with Neverwinter
Not sure when the beta will start, but, it’s been months since it first announced the start of the game development.




I’m one of those people who love dressing up their characters!
You should see my clothes collection in most of the MMORPG I play in!!!!!
If you sell them, I want them!
But only if they’re pretty enough to wear.
Weird enough, I’m too lazy to shop for clothes in real life.

Let me find one gif I made for a game I used to play, FlyFF.
I started a fashion trend back in this game. Tee hee~
People started to follow my mix and match until all started to do their own according to their own tastes and imagination.


The latest one that I had, was probably 6 sets in Dragon Nest.
Or was it more than that?

Maybe I should make a gif of that too.


So, yeah… I’ve just confessed on the unexpected.



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