My new bf!

Woo hoo!

He’s finally in my hands!
One that I’ve fallen in love with!!!!!




Brand Asus
Model G75VX-CV071H
Product Type Notebooks
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM Processor 2.40GHz
Operating System Windows 8® 64-bit
Installed RAM 16 GB DDR3
Hard Drive 1.5TB SATA HDD
Display 17.3″ 3D FHD + LED-backlit TFT LCD Display (1920×1080)
Optical Drive Blu-ray RW
Networking Integrated 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth™ 4.0
Graphics Performance Nvidia® Geforce® GTX670MX 3GB VRAM DDR5
Others Built-in web camera & card reader
Also inclusive of 2 years international warranty

Republic of Gamers mouse

Steelseries Siberia

Republic of Gamers backpack (really huge)

NVIDIA 3D glasses (worth $239)

MS Office Home & Student 2010 (worth $188)

Trend Micro Titanium Cloud Edition – 1 yr (worth $60)

More info can be found here




Apparently, when I got this set, the saleslady, asked me this…

Saleslady: Are you buying a present for someone?
Me: Errr.. no.. wait.. yes.. it’s a present for me! XD */forever alone meme*

lol XD

In fact, she did ask me a couple of times on the same question, but in different ways.

One of the usual things that occur.
Gaming gears aren’t meant for girls.. phishhhh~
I get it.




I needed headphones!
Just gonna use the default mouse for the time being.
I gave away my Razer Orochi and Razer Naga ’cause I’m using the Tt esports one.
Don’t think I need a new one… not as if I’m going to play any FPS/TPS competitively.

Right now, I’m pretty busy installing all the programs.
Gonna play my COD: BO2!!


8 thoughts on “My new bf!

  1. I was like, “How in the world did she get tagged with G75vx?!” ‘Till I landed on this post, then I was like *bow*bow! Just took a photo of my 3months old beast too:

    Fit + Gamer + Geek = U’re an endangered specie! Please add me in FB. Thanks!

    • Congrats on getting a beautiful beast!!! Isn’t it just awesome? I love mine to bits!

      I don’t think you should say endangered because there’s a lot of us out there, but, you’ll have to pick out those who are truly into all these and those who are not.. I think I need not explain on this portion. XD

  2. Hello! I came across your post while looking at the G75 VX as well! I am debating on this laptop and the Lenovo Y500 with the GTX 750M SLI. It’s a bit cheaper than the G75 and has better networking components but it’s going to be louder and might possibly deal with micro stuttering at low frame rates. A couple questions if you don’t mind: Where did you get the deal that came with the backpack and 3D glasses? I was looking at Best Buy and don’t believe they have that. Also, I am looking for a laptop that can play “The Secret World,” on high settings. Have you tried that game!? Thanks and enjoy your beautiful beast! 🙂

    • I bought mine at Harvey Norman. Everything comes in a huge rectangular box which I carried by myself down to the taxi stand and the taxi driver was asking if I had bought a TV!!!!, you should get it by default wherever you buy it from.

      I don’t stick to a game very long, but anyway, I doubt I’d play that game anymore.

      Lenovo Y500 looks new in town. I wouldn’t really buy something really expensive until a lot of people have tried, tested and reviewed it. But you can be the first few ones! XD

  3. Harvey Norman…oh I didn’t even look to see that you do not live in the USA. 🙂 The internet just makes the world that much closer. Bummer looks like they don’t have the whole package in the states. You pay for the laptop and just get the laptop! I picked one up yesterday but the bezel is coming off the screen at the bottom so I need to exchange it. I’m curious, since yours comes with 3D glasses does it still have a matte screen or is it glossy!? Love your blog btw…love games, tech and learning new things as well. Anyway, thanks for the info.

    • Haha~ True.. you feel like everyone is close to you.

      Well, mine is glossy. Graphics are insane when I use the 3D format while playing some games. Although I’m not really a big fan of 3D.. it gives me a headache. Hmm.. how much did you pay for yours? I was contemplating between this and Alienware at the time I wanted a new machine, but, a couple of friends found that the Alienware laptops were giving them a lot of issues. Mine has has been pretty good to me so far. 😀

      Thanks for dropping by too! ^_^

      • Mine was $1249 USD. I actually ended up returning it as I was having issues with the wireless. From the reviews I read it uses a pretty weak wireless card. Also it is a bit big considering I will be traveling a lot for the next yet. My screen was matte. Haven’t seen the glossy 3D version at local stores. Decided to give the Lenovo Y500 a try. Going with the single video card and will add a second card if I need it. I hear good things about it so we shall see! Now to decide what game to play…

      • The laptops here are expensive then. Ahh.. I didn’t try wireless. I haven’t tried it yet ’cause I don’t bring it out from my room at all. I use my tiny work laptop and ipad mini when I’m about, so, I only game at home or at some cyber cafe. Yeah.. maybe you could give the new model a try and do a review on it! 😀


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