Ragnarok 2 Class Choice


To chase away the blues…
Well, trying to just forget about it for awhile..
I’ve gone on a little trip around the web to choose a class when RO2 SEA OBT starts.

Before that, I’d like to post a picture that I’ve randomly created yesterday for the guild.

Umm.. no.. it has no affiliation with the Eternity in Dragon Nest.



Back to the top.
I was thinking hard on whether to choose between Warrior or Sorceress.
Mentioned before that I won’t create a fs (full support).
But the sorc seems to attract me so much!
It isn’t really like the wizard.
Sorc are a hybrid of magic dmg and heal.

But, I’d like to be a Warrior for a change.
I’m usually either mage or assassin or archer or cleric.
But, I’ve not touch base on a Warrior before.
I was thinking of full dps while leveling and then tank upon reaching the max level, level 50.

I don’t think I can do it though.
I mean.. tanking.
Full support is a tough job.. so is tanking.
But I’ve never become a tank before.. just random tanking when I have to or off tank.. that I suck at.

I guess… I’ll make a tank warrior then.



I’ve been trying some different combos of which skills to use and upgrade the points on.
Sorry.. this is a trial and error.. so.. yeah.. just sharing what I’m envisioning it to be.

Skill simulator

Tanker Warrior Build



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