Women in IT

I’ll relate back to Tech workers back need for more women in IT but oppose quotas

There isn’t such a quota here in SG… but it’s an interesting topic.


My pov might be crap but here’s my experience.

It really is true that a lot of people would assume that the IT person is a guy.
Whether I’m calling another techie for one reason or another…
They’d say, “maybe you can call your IT guy.. bla bla bla”.
Just this week, around 3 people expected an IT guy in this office.
I’d say this is considered mild in manner.
Thus, the hot headed me doesn’t really care.
In fact, at times, I’ll play along with their assumptions.

It is hard for me to prove to others that my skills are good enough or even better than theirs (guys).
Because before I can say anything, I’m already being pushed aside.
But, I really wouldn’t want a company to hire me because they need to fill up that quota.
It will actually bruise my ego, when I’ve already had to work double hard to prove my worth.

I had to fight my way to get into the IT industry in the first place!
There were so many people against it, some ex-bosses, interviewers and some not-so-close friends.
They offered me to do finance, since I have a degree in finance.

They still would not understand even after explaining to them about my earlier wrong choice and my current passion.
To them… it’s all about money.


But also, why would you want to impose such a rule to “inspire more women to be more than just tech savvy”?
Isn’t it the choice of the person to do what they want?

So, it’s like, “hey.. here’s a computer.. go ahead.. try all the different aspects of IT and fall in love with one of it.”
There’s lots to choose from.
Later on, only to find out that your real passion or even worse, your real talent lies in another industry!

It’s not entirely wrong.
They still get to choose what they want, but still, time is spent on unnecessary things.



How I fell in love with computer techie geeky stuff?

Thank my older bro!
1. Thanks to my gaming addiction when I was young. Games bought by my dad were english/maths/science related games. Games bought from my bro were those early rpg, fps and rts games. W00t!
2. Thanks to my love of learning and watching my older bro who loved doing dos commands, opening the casing and meddle with the hardware and when we got older, I would borrow and play with his photoshop and Mac to design stuff.

Before I had my first computer, I wanted to be a businesswoman.
After watching my bro do “magical stuff” with the computer… lol~, I wanted to be a hacker.. double lol~
After taking my diploma in IT… I wanted to be a sys admin.
Right now.. I wish I can get a post that’s similar to my ex-boss’ position… lmao~
Future… I’d like to mentor or teach IT… or… open my own shop.. yes… I still want my own business.. that dream will never die.

Actually, everything I did and part of who I am is influenced greatly by my elder brother.


Maybe I should just quit all these crap and open my own computer shop.

Ahh I gtg…



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