What class would you be if you were in an MMORPG?

I have a love-hate relationship with RPGs.
Lots of reasons why I love it.
Plenty of reasons why I hate it.
But, I’m not here to talk about that.
My question of the day.

What class would you be if you were in an MMORPG?


There are definitely a big handful of classes to choose from…
From different RPGs all these years.

If you don’t already know, I’m a girl-char player.
I only play girl toons.
Do I have to give the reasons why?
One of the reasons why I love RPGs is because it’s a sanctuary for me to be in another dimension… in another life.
Part of the real me is portrayed there.
The other half is what I want to be if I had a “second life”.

History goes that I started off as a solo-er, thus, I played as a “support” dps char.
I was more of an archer.
Love the fact that I can get to things from afar.
Gave me enough control to be at the back and yet, be just as strong as the main front dps.
But I guess, just like the real me, there are weaknesses once you get too up-close with me.
Hmmm… maybe.. I guess.

When I met my first gaming bf, I started to create support chars instead.
I love being full support aka clerics for the very fact that helping others came like a second nature to me.
It felt good to just randomly buff and heal people for free and whenever I wanted.
If others are happy, I’m happy.
On one hand, it’s awesome to work as a team.
On another hand, I realize that although people look to me for them to move forward…
I wasn’t appreciated enough.. was probably always “poor” in terms of monetary in game.
In some MMORPGs, support chars don’t get as much xp or anything special unless you do some killing… I said some.

In between the support chars, I would randomly create a main front dps like thieves/assassins/warriors.. but they never last long.

I never tasted mage until in recent years.
Although being a support char does have its magic dmg, I was more of a physical dmg dps when it came down to killing.
I tried it simply because I was tired of playing the same classes for years.
Plus, I chose one of the hardest type of class in the game.
It was awesome!
I wanted different. I got different.
Not until people started to follow the trend that certain unique builds are stronger than cookie cutter ones.


My fave amongst them?

It depends on the game itself… and… well… my mood.
I’d continue being a full support if a phobia wasn’t created when I played one certain game a couple of years ago.
Because of that, I stopped playing full support from then on.
The reason being, I wasn’t good enough to be one in that game.
For the first time, since I was so used to being one of the best healers, I was devastated when I was not in control in that game.
I still played that game with my main dps at that time, but my fs was my second char and stayed that way.
A loser? A noob?
Probably yes.
But every time those who knew me as a fs those past years would ask me why I didn’t choose fs anymore.
I can’t overcome that phobia.

I could if I wanted to though.
But, my self-doubt would just make it not enjoyable to play.
What’s a game if there is no “fun” in it?


So, I can deduce that I love being full support.
The very reason why a big part of my current IRL job is a system admin.
I love helping others.
Making things work.
Yup.. I make IT seem easy to understand and fun for anyone of any level.

But, no.
I might not go back to being one in-game unless it’s a second char.


What would you choose?



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