The inaugural opening of RO2 @ Marina Bay Sands.
Ragnarok Online 2 CBT started yesterday!
7th – 12th December, between 11am – 2am (+8 GMT)

Their main website is always under heavy traffic, thus, head over to their FB for updates and whatnot.
Password for installation: welcome2ro2

Client Download





Here are a few ss I took while trying it.

What’s RO2 without RO’s Poring? ❤

Mission Complete~
*awww… the porings love me… NOT!*

? denotes returning a quest

Killing the final boss in the first dungeon of RO2.

! denotes a new quest that you can do.

Fighting scene.

Flying to another location.

My profession… a cook.. yummy~

I’m only at level 11, playing a couple of hours.
There was a company dinner yesterday and by the time I got home and installed the client and patch, it was already pretty late.
By 12+am, I was already too tired to play anymore.

Can’t say much since this is only the “intro” map.
But overall, the graphics is alright.. nothing fantastic.
Game is a bit laggy.
Typical quests of fetching stuff.
It’s a cutesy game.. as it should.
It reminds me of a typical game in the mid 2000s or so.
RO2 was already been in anticipation years back in SG, but, it was being recalled back and I saw them stating there were technical issues and BAM!
Locked up their forums and stayed silent, except for Korea’s version.

If you are a fan of RO(1) or cute-kind-of games, maybe you’d like this.
There isn’t any wow-factor about it.
It’s a typical monotonous hack and slash game.
But, since I currently have no RPG to play, I’ll just give this a go for now.

But who knows… maybe it’ll get better as you proceed in levels?



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