I hate it.
I rarely drink coke or pepsi for the very simple reason that I can easily get caffeine overdose!

The only time I drink coffee is when I’m super stressed.
Max of 1 cup per day though.
Only when I have a craving for coke, will I drink it.
Which probably means that I’m tired.
Most of the time, maximum of 3/4 can of it. lol~
If I try to finish one can.
Might as well declare me as “dead”.

Plus, I cannot.. I can’t stress enough.. I cannot.. drink after 4pm, else, my night sleep will be affected.

What happens?
Headache, dizzy, nausea when I drink more than I can consume.
If I forget about the time thingy and drink in the evening.
I’ll be having insomnia and be restless the whole night.



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