Warring Sides

I’d say I’m easily influenced by the people around me.. whether I know them or not.
They don’t necessarily need to be literally around me.
But, I’d do my own interpretation and start doing some research and go on a learning escapade.

This time round, I was taken in by the situation between Palestine and Israel.
After a couple of hours of reading about the issue online by various sides and views.
Not just “news” but forums and whatnot.
My curiosity on this escalated further on to between Iraq-Iran-Palestine-Israel.
Later on, I heard someone I know of saying, when these countries start to make peace, the end of the world is coming.

Forgive if I’m wrong.
Since my knowledge on Islamic studies is not as deep as it should, I did further research on that topic alone.
The 50 signs before Judgement Day.
I’ve read about it many times before and every few years, I see things coming into place.
But, I guess ignorance and reality of life gets the better of me.
I’m not in the position to say much about all these, so, it’s best if you do your own homework and learn from the right sources (if you are willing to have an open mind and not be biased).
It does not matter from what race, religion or culture you’re from or believe in.
I didn’t just read from the perspective of the Muslims, but also the different denominations of Christians and the Jews.
There are a couple of questions from either sides being answered by other sides.
But, of course, naturally, not wanting to listen and misunderstandings come by.
The fact that the media and other religions (other than Islam) only keep pointing out the bad.
While the radical ones in Islam are making everyone else in Islam look bad.
Now, what does the signs of Judgement Day have anything to do with all these?
Read up.

You can’t literally take every word as if it was holy from just one source or only a few ones who are biased and are inclined to only believe and open their eyes and hearts to what they want to believe in.
I’m human as well and I’ll err.



At the end of the day… what matters most is, the ones who suffer the most are the innocent ones.
Just seeing all those pictures and videos make me feel really sad about the human race.



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