I’m a little pissed that I can’t play COD: Black Ops 2 on my pc.
I can’t believe my baby is that old.

I did get to play on it for awhile on my bf’s Alienware laptop when I went over to his place after work.
While he was doing his usual CS training on his desktop.
But, it already took time to download, install and update the game on steam that I barely had time to play before having to go home.
I really need to upgrade my pc.
Me… want.. to.. cry.

Umm.. I can’t be bothered to re-write another blog post on last weekend’s event so I copy-pasted my article version from the website over.
I think my first writing sucks to the max.
It’s been ages since I wrote a news article.

By the way, I tried out the Armaggeddon Alien G7 mouse that was won earlier.
I love the smoothness of the “cover” and the cute colour changing lighting thingy.
But, it was not up to my standard.
I don’t like bulky mice, thus, all my past mice fit nicely under my hand like a glove.
But, I still gave it a try although my bf was telling me not to take it out of the box.. (prizes are not for usage).
Smooth on the outside but not on the “inside”.
If you know what I mean.

Shoot.. I have to go now.
Need to update one more thing on the website.

Then, I’m off to relax.
Read too much stuff during work.
Data overload.



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