That was a nice weekend.
Had fun.



The pictures are stored in my bf’s camera and I went back home straight after our 11pm flight last night.
I didn’t take it back to update the team’s website.. so, I guess I’ll post some of the pics here another day too.
The team got 2nd placing in the CS:GO competition in KL, Malaysia.
I’ve just gotten sick of Starbucks.. we were drinking SB coffee for 3 days!
Lost to Orange e-Sports.. not a good fight… a lot of mistakes.
Found a handful of things about the team.. good and bad.

Got to take a picture with Rifaat from Ex Gamers 2 (4th)!
I still remember when he was still young and small when he started to play CS.
Now, he’s damn tall (a third taller than me!) and good-looking. XD
MVP of his team.
Orange eSports (1st) & A Team (3rd) were really awesome to get together with us to have dinner together after the competition.

We’ve gotten 2 servers sponsored from 2 companies at the event itself.

Might be getting more EQ prizes later on.
The organizers mentioned that they’re are gonna contact me much later to pass us some more stuff.
The guys are hoping it’d be headphones. lol~

Anyway, it was their first official competition (and offline, for that matter).
2 of them have never been in a CS competition before.
2 of them were from Blackshot and moved to CS:GO.



I had fun by myself too.. won random prizes twice from the event.

I’ll update more later.
A little snippet.. they’ll be skipping next week’s competition in KL but will be joining a December competition in SG.

Woke up at 11am just now and I’m gonna have my brunch now.
Thank God I took leave today!



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