I was browsing through the new games in Steam and saw Primal Carnage.
The next thing that came to my mind was “PRIMAL RAGE”!!!!!!!


This was one of my fave games on the Atari.
I was too young to remember the model but I know it looked like this.



And.. well.. blowing the cartridge to make it “work”.
Did that even help in anything??!!



I can’t remember if I ever mentioned that I was close to my bros and dad when I was younger.. that stemmed my interest in gaming, soccer and being a tomboy.
Anyway, the console was my big brother’s.
I always got girly toys, although I’ve gotta admit that I loved Barbie dolls, even though I was pretty rough and a.. tomboy.
And although he was quite stingy with his stuff, not wanting to share and whatnot… at times, we’d play together.
So, yeah.. we’d play the console together.

Primal Rage was AWESOME!


My fave was Blizzard!
❤ ❤



He’s a huge Gorilla.. ermm… ape.
His abilities include being able to control/manipulate the cold.. inflicting freezing damage.
Reminds me of Sub Zero

Most memorable move.. the one where he’d punch the opponent’s brain out.


Dang… I feel old.



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